Whether you have been married one year or 50, planning a romantic birthday celebration for your spouse will always serve to rekindle mutual affection. Here are some tips to help you plan for a night to remember.

Get away from the kids for the night

No matter how much you love your children, and I'm sure you love them "this much" (stretch your arms out as far as they go when you read that), you'll want to plan your romantic evening without them. In fact, you'll want to be sure that someone watches them overnight either at your home while you go elsewhere, or at someone's house (grandparents or close friends) while you enjoy a quiet evening at home.

Scheduling bedroom time isn't romantic

If you make the bedroom the focus of the night, you risk missing the mark. Schedule time alone and let nature take its course. Think of the evening as a seduction rather than a series of scheduled events.

Open with a gift

Before you leave for the evening, gentlemen especially may wish to surprise their brides with a gift that can be worn - new jewelry or a corsage.

Plan dinner for two

If you have the financial resources for a fancy dinner out, now is the time to put a little wear and tear on your credit card. Although, if you spend more than you really should, that worry will hang over you all evening, and it could ruin the night. Choosing a restaurant with significance - and that your spouse loves - will add to the evening. Eating at the place where you had your first date, where you proposed, or the night of your first kiss will add to the romance of the evening. If you have the house to yourself, a candle-lit dinner at home could be just the ticket.

Present the present

Dinner may be a good time to give your spouse a gift. A romantic birthday gift will have a connection to the past - to your shared past. Whether that is a photo album from your honeymoon, or a pricey memento from a place you visited together long ago you want the gift to evoke positive, shared memories.

Choose an activity carefully

Consider your spouse, first and always, when planning a romantic outing. If you love the opera, but your spouse hates it, that isn't romantic. Think of activities you did before you were married, especially those you did frequently then and seldom if ever now. Just moving yourself back in time will be romantic. Dancing is a great candidate if that is part of your shared history because it becomes all about you and your interaction together.

Don't stay out all night

For those over a certain age, remember that you may not have the physical stamina you did in your twenties, and your sleep schedule may be different, too. Don't stay out so late you can't enjoy some alone time when you return home, or to a hotel.

By following these simple tips you can share an evening that will reinforce the best feelings you have for each other and create new memories that will bind you even closer.

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