Translated and adapted by Taylor Richardson from the original article, "Como Fazer sua Mulher Feliz" by Fernanda Trida on January 12, 2013

How to make your wife happy

When you find the woman of your dreams and you know for sure that you want to grow old at her side; your search is over. When you finally decide to unite your lives and love and care for each other, you start a new journey. This is a journey that you discover something new every day together. This is true happiness. This is a true accomplishment.

But, what about the times when your spouse is not happy with you? From the moment you realize that you are out of line it is better to sit down and talk. Men tend to avoid these issues more than women do. There are so many tasks, so many things to worry about, and these things help you avoid talking about what you can do to solve a marital problem, and in this you think that you are diverting the problem. This is not true. Solving small problems in a relationship can't fix it. It makes the relationship look good, as if it was only a scratch, but in reality the cut, or problem will fester and this is something that can get so big that it can cause divorce.

Genuinely talking with your wife is the first step in making her happy. Having a companion who is happy with life (and with you) at your side is important to a strong marriage. So here are a few things that can help you to achieve this goal.


Women have the need to talk. They are born programmed to communicate. Even if you don't always understand what she is saying, listen. She will feel that you care about and love her.

Help around the house

Cleaning, cooking and ironing isn't your thing? That's fine. You don't need to do what you don't like, but you do need to help around the house. Simple things like making the bed, picking up after the kids and walking the dog can really be helpful.

Give her flowers

Getting flowers for no apparent reason is very pleasurable. But it seems that men don't quite understand this. Typically, men will give their wives flowers when they feel bad for working too much, after a fight or on special days such as anniversaries and birthdays. This doesn't always mean a monster bouquet of roses. Even a small vase of violets or a single flower could be perfect.

Ask her opinion

If you are one of those men that think you need to make all the decisions, stop right there! A family is made of more than one person. Hearing your wife's opinion is very important even if the final decision is yours.

Help clean up and organize the house after a party

Even though she may do most of the cleaning, if you take out the trash or start organizing, you will make her very happy. In the end, you both had a lot of fun at the party and cleaning up together.

Get up during the night to check on the baby

If the baby is crying, is hungry (and not breastfeeding) or needs a diaper change, you can take care of the baby instead of your wife. Getting a bottle ready or changing a diaper isn't hard. You can let your wife sleep a little more and you can bond more with your child (which is super important for the both of you) and you will see that your wife will be a little happier to sleep once in a while. Also, it doesn't help if you only do this once. You need to be willing (and to actually do it) quite a bit.

Stay with the kids so that your wife can go to the salon

Every woman likes to be beautiful and clean. If she wants to go have her hair done, offer to watch the kids. She will love this, and then she will have a little time to herself. In the end, you will love the result.

Say, "I Love You" more than usual

Just because you are married and know that you love each other, doesn't mean that you don't have to say, "I Love You." You need to say these words as much as possible. Routines can be stressful, tiring and sometimes tedious. If you don't remember that you love each other, you are going around day by day without purpose.

Praise your wife

Even when she has just woken up and her hair is all messed up, tell her that she is 'the most beautiful woman you have ever seen' as this is the absolute truth for you. If she gets all dolled up for you when you go out, tell her that you like it. Telling her how you feel isn't a sign of weakness. A confident man can say beautiful things to the one he loves.

Hopefully these tips will help you and give you the wanted results. A good relationship is made by two people who give their all to love each other. Always make your wife happier and she will be more than willing to do the same for you.

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