There's a misconception that says if trust is lost, it can never be regained. This misconception is a lie that has no place in your marriage or in your heart. Instead, focus on building your relationship on these principles:


The Bible speaks about forgiveness and how true love really doesn't record mistakes. While it's easy for your trust to be broken, your marriage should be founded on the idea of forgiveness, rather than keeping score of who hurt who. Forgiveness is best understood when you realize how holding grudges and bitterness hinders progress.

A spouse might commit an act of betrayal or shout unkind words at their partner. If a relationship is to work, you must learn to forgive.

Love when it is difficult

It is easy to love a person when they are being nice to you, but the real challenge comes when a person shows you their flaws. People who are hurt are usually prone to hurting others whether it's done on purpose or unconsciously. Loving your spouse when you don't feel like it will help your marriage last.

Heal your marriage with prayer

A marriage suffering from broken trust can be repaired with constant prayer and teamwork from both parties. Because you and your spouse have been together and shared memories, childhood dreams and other secrets, you will need God's help repairing your relationship.

Respect your relationship

Marriage is an institution that unites two people as one couple. Regaining trust in your spouse is challenging, but it can be done. Remember to look outside of your spouse's flaws and remember why you fell in love. These are the first steps for healing trust in your relationship.

Get help

Understand that justifying errors never solves any problems. Instead, you both need to accept the mistake and move one. Use prayer, counselling from a qualified professional and discussion with your partner to do just that. Pledging to work on yourself and showing sincere repentance are ways to deal with hurt.

Admit your faults

When an offender admits that their actions were wrong, it allows the other party to begin healing and find closure. Never play the blame game or redirect the focus to something or someone else. Instead, deal with the issue head-on. Talk about it and find ways for you both to overcome the hurt.

Remember, marriage takes teamwork. It's never a "me against you" situation, it is always "us". Genuinely accepting your partner's weaknesses and strengths is a must, which is why couples must continue to get to know each other and date throughout marriage. Marriage is not a final destination but rather a journey; pray to understand and work through mistakes and remember to build trust rather than letting human error destroy it.

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