Whether you've been married 1 month or 20 years, it can be hard to come up with new and exciting ways to show your husband that you're still in love with him. You've already said it a million times, but now you want to show him how you feel.

Try one (or all) of these 5 ideas:

1. Be kind

Sometimes we get so caught up in tending to kids, keeping the house in order and completing our own tasks that we forget to be kind. We may adopt a certain tone of voice, or rush through our greetings, kisses and hugs.

Instead, take a moment to be happy they have returned home. Use a soft voice, and pause to enjoy each other before diving into all that happens in your day. Make sure when you are going about your day that you use kindness to ask for something and you notice the little things he does do instead of just pointing out the bad. Sometimes we get so used to each other that we get too comfortable in how we act around each other. Don't forget that you love this man with your whole heart. When you have that at the forefront, then kindness follows.

2. Do something he likes to do

One way to show you're still in love with your man is to do something he likes to do. It may be hard to give up our own desires, or do something you really don't like to do, but being selfless is a great way to show, not just say, you love someone. It puts their desires above your own. You are doing something out of love, and that is a great way to let him know your desire to show him your love outweighs your own wants.

3. Do some service for him

You may already feel like you serve your husband on a daily basis, but there is probably something that you can do that is out of your normal routine. Perhaps there is a meal that he loves that you can't stand to make, or maybe he has a to-do list that needs tackling and there are some items you can cross off. Whatever it is, do it just because and do it out of love. Don't make him feel like you did it because you were tired of asking him to, or because you did it out of obligation. That defeats the purpose. Serving someone from the heart is one of the best ways to express love.

4. Turn up the romance

One obvious way to show your man you love him is to turn up the romance. You can do little things like cutting his sandwich into the shape of a heart, giving longer than normal kisses as you send him off to work, or massaging his back before bed.

You can also do something bigger like plan a romantic evening for just the two of you. Send the kids to the grandparents' house for a night and have a night in. Do the works with a candlelight dinner, romantic music, and let him know how much you love him. These are very clear signs that the romance is still very much alive in your marriage.

5. Do something unexpected

When we have a routine, it can grow stale. It can feel like we are more concerned about our daily lives than truly living. If you are looking for a way to show your man you are still very much in love with him, do something unexpected. Plan a creative date, send a love note, organize a playdate for him and his guy friends, or recreate your first date. All of these things will add a bit of excitement to your man's day, and remind him just how cool the woman he married truly is.

You don't have to be a love machine every day of your marriage, but it is important to not let things grow stale. Make an effort to really show your affection often and of course don't forget to tell him how you feel as well. Actions and words together make a great pairing to communicate your feelings of love.

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