There is no recipe for love, but there are ingredients that make a marriage happier.

When we talk about spicing up your marriage, normally we associate this with physical contact, but you need to remember that your marriage has many more things than just that. Things like: love, respect, caring and companionship. Physical contact obviously contributes to this, but it isn't the only way to spice up your marriage.

Imagine your marriage as a chocolate cake (or your favorite cake). Always start from scratch putting in the ingredients one by one until you can mix it all together to make good batter, in other words, a solid marriage.

With time you don't need to follow the recipe because you have it memorized, in other words, with time the experiences and the knowledge you have of one another lets you know better how to lead life as a couple.

Here are some ingredients to spice up your relationship.

Always have a romantic back-up

You don't always need to be romantic, but breaking the routine can be a good thing, like having a dinner for just the two of you.

Don't be someone you're not, maintain your personality

Often couples have different ideas and thoughts, keeping this in mind, respect and understanding has a special place for both of you. You both have your own personality.

Give each other gifts

Normally we give gifts on special days, but, do this on days that aren't special too. This demonstrates how much you like each other, beyond the good surprise.

Have a good sense of humor

Nobody likes to live with someone who has bad humor. You don't need to be smiling all the time, but you do need to face the difficulties of life with hope and happiness. This makes your burden lighter.

Love and be loved

This is a key ingredient, this is the pepper that spices up your marriage. Not only that, it solidifies your marriage.

You need to know and feel how special you are to each other, and when you mix all these ingredients together you will have the results of your marriage. If you practice every day and apply these ingredients in your marriage, you will have success. This is a perfect example of what everyone wants; to make your marriage a perfect marriage.

"Love" it is difficult for the undecided. It is frightening to the fearful. Overwhelming for lovers. But the winners are strong in love." - Cecilia Meireles

A happy couple in their home is the perfect example of happiness. Once you put into practice these special ingredients, you can then add a delicious sauce to your relationship which is physical contact. It is through this sauce that you can complete your relationship by having children, or for those that cannot have children, it is a sure love that helps make your marriage stronger.

"" only those who love know that love has its steps and that nothing in life happens by chance." - Marcus Salles

Translated and adapted by Taylor Richardson from the original article, "Como apimentar seu casamento" by Jacira Silva Dos Santos.

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