If you are a woman, there are three things you should know and accept in your relationship: the need for you to recognize, appreciate, and meet the needs of your man. It sounds unfair, right? Keep reading and you'll understand why applying these three principles will help you satisfy the needs of your man and help him fall more in love with you.

As women we are naturally born to be in touch with our emotions. We are vulnerable, compassionate, and willing to tell our man daily about our emotional needs. On the other hand, men were bred to be strong, to hide their emotions, not to mourn, not to show weakness and to handle whatever hand they are dealt without complaint.

This division often causes problems that can be avoided if women recognize the importance of meeting the needs of their man as an essential part of their own happiness.

When a man's basic needs are met, he wants to reciprocate by taking care of you and your needs as well. The best tip for a long-lasting happy relationship is understanding and serving the one you love in all circumstances.

So ask yourself: are you taking care of your man by addressing these five basic needs?

1. Space

Men need space in the same way we need oxygen to breathe. Women have great difficulty understanding this concept; we believe that if we give them space we cannot connect with them. We see their need for space as a sign that they want to get away from us, but that is quite the opposite. Men need and use the space to think, prepare, analyze, find themselves and fully understand the feelings they have for the woman with whom they share their lives with. Allow yourself to see space as a time for rejuvenation and appreciation and not just separation.

2. Affection

They are men; they have a natural desire for physical affection. They need your kisses, your touch, your hugs, your gestures of love and your closeness. They need you. Under his shell of masculinity and strength he is a human just like you and me, and needs you to show him love through your personal physical contact.

3. Respect

Respect is demonstrated through several expressions, and ranges much further than saying please and thank you. As a woman, you can show respect for your man by appreciating the effort he makes every day by going to work to support your family, and you can recognize his effort in trying to make time for you after spending a long hard day at work. Respect is essential in any relationship, but women sometimes do not understand that appreciating what men do for us is also a way of showing respect (perhaps appreciation is the most important way).

4. Intimacy

Ladies admit it, we feel loved when our husband sends us an unexpected text that reminds us he appreciates us, or when he remembers special occasions and surprises us with a card and flowers.

Women feel loved when the emotional need for a connection with their man is met. Men feel the same when they connect emotionally and physically with the woman they love. Embark on enjoying intimacy with your husband and see how things go.

5. Connecting with children

Women generally are the ones who stay home and take care of the little ones. This full-time mom role can accidentally create a division or emotional gap between their husbands and their children because the husband is not constantly with his kids the same way his wife is. Often times the hardest part about this situation is giving your husband the opportunity to connect with his kids on his own terms.

For example, in my experience, me doing everything for our daughter was a huge mistake. My husband changed our daughter's diaper maybe three times in his entire life (literally). I took care of our child physically and my husband worked hard to make sure we were all taken care of. Even though he worked the night shift at the hospital, worked over time and lost sleep for our daughter, I should have allowed him more opportunities to connect and serve the child he works so hard to take care of.

Do not deny your husband the opportunity to be a father, always allow him to feel that special bond with his children. Men usually do not insist on getting involved unless they feel like you have given them the place to participate. Allow him the opportunity to create and foster strong relationships with his children; it will help strengthen yours as well.

Use your judgment to know what you need to do to meet your needs as well as your husbands. Odds are if you need it, he needs it too.

This article has been adapted and translated from the original, "Hasta que no le des estas 5 cosas, tu hombre no se enamorará COMPLETAMENTE de ti," which was published on Familias.com.

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