There is no such thing as a perfect match or a soap-opera romance. Symphonies don't sound when real-life couples kiss. Yet, life is much more intense than the dramatic television shows we eagerly watch.

Although your own love life is not like the movies, if you know who you are and what you like, you can create a remarkable love.

If you were to write up a list of all the characteristics you are looking for in a man, I would venture to say you would have at least 10 things on it: physical appearance, profession, social status, economic status, sense of humor, personality, goals, religion, political views, hobbies, etc.

However, we go through life and sooner or later we realize there is no perfect human being who meets all the characteristics on our list. This realization then makes us prioritize our list of qualities. Research shows there are really only a few things needed for a relationship to survive.

If your partner provides you with these four things, your relationship will flourish in love.

Tenderness and loyalty

These two qualities create a strong emotional connection.

Loyalty, or fidelity, is a sign he is committed and connected to you. But it is much more than a commitment; it is a promise that he will be with you no matter what. A man is loyal and faithful when he places his wife's needs above his own. He exhibits this faithfulness when he understands the needs of his wife will not always be the same as his own. He is loyal and true when he respects his children and chooses to never stop loving you no matter what.

Tenderness, or affection, goes right along with loyalty. And if your husband is completely loyal and expresses his loyalty tenderly, there is no doubt he loves you. Only love causes a human being to behave this way.

Vitality and passion

It is no wonder most male models are muscular and strong in appearance. Women are undeniably attracted to men who exude an ability to protect and provide for them.

While everyone tells you that physical appearance is not important, that is not entirely true. What is certain is that the man you love does not have to be a magazine model. All he has to do is meet certain expectations you involuntarily feel.

These requirements are not about muscles; rather they are about what being with him does to your body, mind and heart.

If the man by your side revives you and makes you excited to be near him, there is no doubt he makes you feel protected. His energy revitalizes you.

Intimacy between the two of you plays an important role in the health of your relationship. And intimacy is more than what happens between the two of you in the bedroom. It is the chemistry you feel when you're around one another. It is the magic that occurs when you find him to be the sexiest and most handsome guy in the world (even if the rest of humanity does not agree).

If your man provides you with tenderness, loyalty, vitality and passion, do not be afraid to show him your appreciation. Let him know of your love for him - it will ensure the man of your dreams never leaves your side.

Translated and adapted by Hannah Rose from the original article "Si tu esposo te satisface en estas 2 cosas, NUNCA se irá de tu lado."

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