Did you hit the marriage jackpot? If you did, you've got an amazing wife who makes married life absolutely wonderful. It's the simple things that really make you feel so lucky to have ended up with her - like these 10 things. If these signs sound familiar, you made the right choice by marrying her.

1. She's your best friend

She's not just your wife, she's also the best friend you've ever had. You can talk about anything together and you're totally comfortable with each other. If you love spending time together, congrats on marrying your best friend.

2. She communicates her love often

Does she say "I love you" all the time? When it comes to marriage, those three little words can't be said enough.

3. She still flirts with you

You're not in the dating stages of a relationship anymore, but that doesn't mean you can't still flirt with each other. Flirting is a sign that she's still young at heart and loves to have fun.

4. She prioritizes you

You should be the number one person in her life, just like she's the number person in your life. If no one else in her life (including herself) matters more to her, she'll definitely always be there for you.

5. She makes life fun

Every day is better with your number one gal around. You love your jackpot wife for so many reasons, including how she makes everything fun - even if it's doing mundane tasks.

6. She's 100 percent supportive

Spouses should support each other all the time in their endeavors, and your amazing wife does a great job playing cheerleader. The moment you tell your sweetheart your goals and ambitions, you know she's going to do what she can to help you achieve them.

7. She's your main source of comfort

Life can throw you some gnarly curve balls, and when they hit, the first person you go to is your sweet wife. It's amazing how she can lift your spirits up when things are looking particularly down.

8. She's no stranger to hard work

If your wife puts everything she's got into her marriage, schooling, career, hobbies and projects, congrats on marrying a hard worker. With her by your side, you'll be able to accomplish great things.

9. She gives you compliments

Encouraging, affirming words are such an important aspect in relationships. If she compliments you often and reminds you how much you mean to her, she's a stellar wife.

10. She surprises you

Whether it's with holiday celebrations, kind gestures or how much she's grown since you met her, your amazing wife is always surprising you.

If this list reminds you of your wife, you married a woman who helps make your life full of joy. Show gratitude for the special woman in your life you were lucky enough to marry.

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