The old saying that today is the first day of the rest of your life, is an aphorism without significance if you refuse to do anything different starting today.

It doesn't matter if today is New Year's Day, your birthday, Friday the 13th or just plain Thursday, you can choose today to start living your life differently. Here are some ideas for things you can do today to make your life better starting now:

Be kind to everyone

, simply because you'll feel better. Of course, so will everyone else.

Think of your spouse first

Pick a movie, a place to eat, a rental car, the radio station, whatever, based on your spouse's likes.

Be a better child

Everyone has parents, even if they've passed on. Choose to be a better child, to respect your parents and make their lives better or to honor their legacy.

Parent with love

Parenting is hard; make it easier by expressing love for your children in words, in tone, and in your actions. Leave no doubt.

Serve others

Whether you are 12, 42 or 72 years old you have so much to offer. Give of your time to help others and receive the joy that comes from it.

Walk more

Your body and your world will thank you for parking your car and walking when you can.

Learn endlessly

Make the effort to learn something every day. Read voraciously; study consciously.

Be honest

You don't have to tell your wife or your mother that yes, those pants do make her look fat, to have integrity. You can't cheat, lie and steal your way to happiness. Be fair in all your dealings.

Do your best

Really doing your best requires effort. You can't phone it in. Whatever you are doing, take the time to do your best. Be proud of what you do.

Make time for what matters

Life is a constant barrage of demands from other people; learn to prioritize so that you are spending the most time and the best time on the things that matter most.

Be optimistic

You can learn to be more optimistic by seeing challenges as speed bumps you can overcome, rather than as overwhelming barriers to happiness. Put every problem in its proper perspective.

Be loyal

Be true to your spouse, your employer, your children, your country and to your faith.

Have faith

Believe in yourself and believe in God. There really is nothing you can't do together.

Be well

Take care of yourself; eat right; exercise. Plan for a long life; live for a healthy life.

Wait patiently

You know the old saying, good things come to those who wait. Find something good to do while you're waiting.

Love abundantly

You can never run out of love. The more you manifest love to others the more it will be returned to you.

Pick any one of these ideas and start applying it in your life today and the rest of your life can be the best of your life.

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