Let's face it, it's tough to find gifts for guys! Socks, shirts, ties, and underwear just don't cut it when they are given on every birthday and holiday. When your budget is stretched tight trying to cover the basics, having money for expensive gifts is not always possible. Here are a few ideas that can help you show your husband how much you love him:

Gift baskets

A gift basket can be a mixture of handmade, store-bought, and secondhand items. Items can be based on a theme, be any size, and as simple or elaborate as your budget allows. Personal themes like a body massage kit or everything for the big guy's bath are great for birthdays or Father's Day. Hobby or sports baskets work well for the man who has favorite activities. Simply choose a theme and keep your eyes open for items that fit that theme. Wrap the basket with colored cellophane and tie at the top with a ribbon.

Photo printing

Favorite photos can be printed on virtually anything these days, including hats, shirts, pants, jackets, calendars, mugs, mouse pads, writing tablets and stickers. Such simple items can become personalized mementos of a special time or favorite memory by imprinting them with cherished photos.

Name or initials monogramming

Place your loved one's name or initials on something that he uses on a regular basis such as a wallet, toolbox, tools, key chain, sports equipment, popcorn pan or favorite pen. Monogram a tray with his initials for holding items he removes each night from his pockets. Get car mats printed with his name. The possibilities are endless.

Create a collage

A collage can be anything from pictures in a frame to candy bars on a poster. Create a personalized message through the collage's content. Make it romantic, analytical or just plain humorous - it's up to you.

Even if money is not an issue, try giving the gift that means the most: the gift of YOU! There are many ways this can be done.

1. Give the gift of time

Prepare a gift certificate presenting him with a specific activity or leave it blank so he can fill it in with his choice. Think of something he likes to do, then choose the date that works best for both of you. Get a sitter for the kids and prepare yourself to spend some undivided time and attention on him. The memories will be priceless.

2. Give the gift of words

Write a personal letter expressing your gratitude for all he does for you. Cite examples of how he has shown his love and how much you appreciate him as a person. Talk about future plans, possible things you can do and become together, and tell him that you are looking forward to being together forever. Most importantly, express you undying love.

3. Give the gift of affection

This is not a one-time gift, but can be ongoing, every day. Give hugs and kisses freely and frequently. Don't wait for special occasions to hold hands and sit together. Give him a shoulder rub after a long day. Take the time to show you care - it will increase your love for each other, and you will find greater enjoyment in life.

Saying "I love you" doesn't have to be expensive but it does take a little bit of time and some advance planning. With creativity and desire for the happiness of your spouse, you will find something that fits your budget and your marriage. This week, choose one idea from the list above and begin preparing items based on that idea for the next time you plan to give a gift to your husband.

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