Often, when we reach success, we can look back and note the many people who helped us reach that point or who helped support us through the good and bad. Though most of the effort is on the individual, many or most successes would not be possible without a strong support system.

But what happens when the support system is lacking?

A Family Studies article noted the struggles of two people. Both attended vocational school and struggled with finding and keeping a job. One was able to rebound and eventually make it, while the other has yet to do so. The difference? One had lots of family support, with help and encouragement at every turn, while the other had a troubled family life and was very much on her own.

The support of family

Our family is where we develop so much of our foundation of who we are and what we can become. These are the people put in our life to support, encourage, and make sure we keep trying when all signs point to failure. A parent or sibling can often motivate us to try one more time. Having someone who believes in us when we don't believe in ourselves can pull us out of major slumps due to setbacks on the path toward our goals. Family often offers help by keeping their ears and eyes open for possible jobs or opportunities that may be a match for you. They are a soft place to fall when things aren't going according to plan. Family should be there for you when nobody or nothing else is.

When your family isn't a support

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a strong family support system. A variety of reasons can cause this, but the results can be detrimental to your future. When you have to navigate life with little or no guidance, you have to figure it all out on your own, often hitting lots of roadblocks along the way. It's much more difficult to rebound from failure with the will to try again.

Find a new support system

Who are the people in your life who inspire you? Who helps you see yourself as someone with potential? Who is always there for you? Often, individuals are in our life because we need them as the support people our family could not provide. A Family Studies article stated, "...those with a deficit of connections and trust and meaning and love can begin to remedy these deficits by encountering people and communities with a surplus of connections and trust and meaning and love."

A strong support system can consist of teachers, friends, church leaders or other people in your life who may be successful or have qualities you admire. They are encouraging and help lift you to become who you can be and find the path to your goals. They believe in you. You can rely on their examples of strength and fortitude-whether they are aware of their help or not.

Don't let circumstances turn you into a perpetual victim. Despite how you were raised and the things that have happened to or around you, you can rise above it. If you have no family support, seek strength from others around you. Find driven people who share similar goals and observe them. Talk to them. Don't give up regardless of how many times you fall. Success doesn't happen overnight; in fact, the road to success is littered with many failed past attempts.

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