First of all, you need to realize that you, just being you, makes your woman happy. She chose you after all, out of all those other charming suitors, she chose you, because you are the one she loves, the one who makes her truly happy. Now, on top of that, there are other things that you can do to ensure that you will make your little lady beam with joy.


Cleaning the house or the apartment is a perfect way to make your woman happy. It's a job she does every day, and not only will cleaning help her out, it will show her you recognized how hard she works and keeps the house clean.

Don't leave a trail

When you get home from work for the day, don't leave a trail through the house. Put your keys and everything away, undress in the bedroom and put your clothes in the hamper (hang them up if they aren't very dirty). Making your girl do extra laundry is a frustration beyond compare. Hang up your coat.


Give your girl a night off from cooking and make her a delicious dinner.

Bring her flowers

Believe it or not, buying flowers for your girl is about more than just the flowers. It's about telling her you were simply thinking about her and wanted to do something special for her.

Write her love notes

Every girl dreams about coming home and finding a note on the table, or waking up to a note from hubby. It's things like that that show her how much you love her and think about her.

Turn off the game when she starts talking

It is very frustrating to women when they want to talk to you, and you won't even look at her because you are playing a video game or watching a football game. When you do that, you are basically telling her that the game is more important than she is. Turn off the game, or pause it at least, and give her some real quality attention.

Always tell her she looks beautiful

Chances are, your wife knows how you feel about her, but it is always reassuring to her to let her know that you still think she is beautiful. When she gets ready for the day, she is getting ready for you, so recognize that, and tell her how beautiful she looks.

Plan surprise dates

Make plans and reservations for a date she doesn't know anything about and surprise her with the romantic details as you go. Make sure she is dressed appropriately so she doesn't feel embarrassed at any time.

Laugh with her, not at her

It is easy to laugh at your girl when she misunderstands something, or is being "cute," but no one likes to be laughed at. Make sure she knows your are laughing with her, and not at her. Never make her feel belittled.

Bring her "that" surprise

Girls aren't subtle, so there is probably no question in your mind that she has been eyeing that gorgeous pair of shoes, or that darling handbag, or stunning set of earrings. Surprise her now and then with the things on her wish list. This is another way to show her you love her, and that you are very aware of who she is and what she wants.

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