Life is busy. Sometimes it's a struggle just to keep up with everything. However, it's important to slow down, take a deep breath, and make time to notice those around you. Take Valentine's Day, for example. While most of us were busy decorating heart-shaped cookies, or planning romantic dinners, London residents Jason Lee Weight and his friend Natasha Ridley handed out flowers to strangers around town.

They photographed the whole thing, and the images went viral on the social network site, Reddit. Weight and Ridley snapped some humorous pictures of awkward confusion. Several people thought the friendly pair was selling something. Despite the surprise, they also captured a lot of smiles.

One reaction was especially heartwarming. After they gave a woman some flowers, she responded, "I'm homeless. I've never gotten flowers before in my whole life."

This simple act of sharing a few flowers had a huge impact on the homeless woman, but it also may have changed the lives of others who were given flowers. This woman shared how much this flower meant to her and relayed some of her back story.

Just like these flowers, you can plant seeds of service in those around you. We're all at different points in our lives. Some of us might not have the time to start a non-profit organization, or even volunteer for one. Whatever our schedule, we should all agree to open our eyes a little bit more to the needs of our fellow human beings. Here are some simple ideas about working service into your routine:

  • The next time you shop at the grocery store pick up a few extra cans for your local food bank.

  • For a family night activity, plan service at a humane society or a charity of your choice. This provides family bonding while helping others.

  • Service isn't limited to helping strangers. Offer to help your neighbors and friends. Do they need a babysitter or a ride to the airport?

  • If you see someone asking for help on the side of the road, purchase some extra food and give it to them on your drive home.

  • Open your eyes. If someone is loading bags into his car while in a wheelchair, ask him if he would like some help.

It can be easy to forget to notice people who may need help. It's important to remember that, sometimes, the smallest of efforts can have a huge impact on those in need. From sharing a flower with a stranger, to holding the door for a friend. A simple act of service makes the world a much more beautiful place.

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