In the animal kingdom, birds show their plumage and frogs will "sing" to attract a mate. In the human world, however, attracting the opposite sex can be a bit more complicated.

When it comes to impressing women, most of us are pretty familiar with the traditional tools men use: boxes of chocolates, bouquets of roses, personally crafted poems or even a "mix tape" of special tunes. All of these are virtually guaranteed to make ladies swoon.

However, there are some men who've moved beyond these cliché gestures, opting for more hilarious ways to catch their girl:

1. Following suit

Basic table etiquette suggests that when dining with another person, it's polite to mirror their actions. One man took this to an extreme:

"Eating some piping hot soup on the sofa with my incredibly uncoordinated girlfriend, she spilt some on her shirt and apologized profusely. I instinctually poured half of my bowl on myself to make her feel more at ease. I still have burn marks"

Talk about burning love.

2. Lying

Most people would agree that telling a bold-faced lie is the wrong way to go about winning another person's affections (after all, isn't honesty the best policy?). Yet many men "lie" in some form or another by pretending to have abilities or interests they think will win their lady's heart. They may strategically place a friend's guitar in their room (even though they have no idea how to play guitar). They may express interest in environmental causes and political movements they only just Googled that morning. And in extreme cases, some men even pretend to like your favorite chick-flick.

Not surprisingly, these lies often backfire:

"I went to a month long cooking class so I could make dinner for my coworker who I had a crush on. She told me the food was great and she needed her boyfriend to try it some time."

3. Showing off

Whether it involves jumping off outrageously high cliffs, hurdling parking meters or wearing tightly fitted shirts to show off muscles, many men have admitted to doing some ridiculous things to impress women ... but this man in particular maybe went a bit too far:

"She said she didn't think I could eat a tub of margarine with a spoon.

So I ate a tub of margarine with a spoon."

If it doesn't end with a trip to the emergency room, it's not truly impressive, right?

Whether women find these actions annoying, endearing, attractive or utterly absurd, one thing is certain - these guys definitely deserve an A for effort. Of course, if a guy really wants to impress a girl, the answer is obvious: be yourself.

... But if that doesn't work, washing the dishes pretty much always will.

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