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Michael B. Jordan recently opened up in a "CBS Mornings" interview with Gayle King where the actor spoke about his public breakup with Lori Harvey. When asked how he coped with the breakup he spoke about how his busy work schedule was a good distraction saying, "I think for me it’s just I was lucky enough to have a lot of work. I’m a firm believer in what’s for you is for you, and coming out of that situation — not to give it any energy and kind of move from was an experience for me to grow, you know, and learn." He continued by saying, “I’m in my light right now, this is my Jordan year, I mean that...this is my year.”

The pair first began seeing each other in November 2020 and dated for a year and a half before calling it quits in June 2022. Sources have said that the main cause of the breakup was Jordan's desire to plan a future and settle down while Harvey wasn't ready for that yet. Their relationship was in the public eye, making the breakup difficult for the two as they had been private about their love lives in the past.

Jordan recently poked fun at his public breakup while he appeared on "Saturday Night Live." In his monologue, he said that while most people try to boost their workout routines after a breakup, he was already in the best shape possible while preparing for his upcoming film "Creed III." He joked saying that instead of working out more, he decided to learn a new language after his split from Harvey, saying in Spanish "Estoy en Raya," meaning he is on Raya, which is a membership-only dating app that is known to be used by celebrities.

While Jordan said that using the dating app was only a joke, he made it clear that his busy work schedule is the best thing for him after the breakup.

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