Men, have you ever received a text message from your significant other and after reading it felt instant anxiety because you can't tell what she means?

You have all been there: She tells you she is "fine" (she's not fine), she only sends "OK" (WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?) and the worst of them all ... "whatever" (she is definitely upset).

It seems women are begging you to read their minds and understand exactly what they want from you. We all know that is not going to happen anytime soon.

So below are five common phrases debunked and clarified to help you understand exactly what your girl is saying.

"I'll let you know."


When a girl sends this message, what she really means is maybe. If you invite her to come with you and a couple of friends to the movies tonight and she responds, "Sounds like fun. I'll let you know." What she really means is: "Sounds like it could be fun. I'll say yes if nothing better comes up."

This is a sad reality, but women do not commit to plans until they have exhausted all of their resources and know it is the best they can do.

"Yeah, definitely!"


Good news - she is excited! You lucky guy. She sent you an exclamation point and a definitely.

Rarely do women send definitely because it tends to induce sure commitment to what they previously agreed to. When it comes to texting, women love flexibility and the ability to get out of situations. Definitely nearly eliminates that option and shows her excitement in committing to your proposal.

"Sorry traffic is bad!"


What she is really trying to say is, "Sorry I told you I left 20 minutes ago when I really hadn't. I just finished getting ready, and I am about to get in my car. See you soon!"

Never trust a girl when she says she can get ready in 10 minutes. Please plan accordingly and expect an hour. Hair and makeup are a tricky business.

"I'm down for anything."


This phrase is often uttered after a boy asks a girl what she wants to do when they hang out. These four words are a slippery slope, gentleman. I'm down for anything could literally mean she is cool to do whatever, but more times than not she is wanting you to man up and make a plan for her.

You may be down for a night of video games and pizza, but do not let her coy words of, "I'm down for anything," fool you! She is not always down for anything.

"What are you doing later?"


Plain and simple, this message is inviting you to hang out with her.

Girls rarely go out of their way to send this message unless they are hoping they are your plans for later. Take this text as a boost of confidence. Ask the girl out already!

"Who is going?"


Be careful with this text. Odds are if the girl is asking this question, she is investigating you and is concerned. Let's say you are going out with a group of friends to a concert and the girl you are texting cannot make it. If she sends you this message, she is really questioning if there are other girls attending she has to compete with.

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