Often I will quietly look at my wife and think how much I love her and how happy I am that she married me. This same process happens when I am alone and thinking about her. To me, she is a beautiful woman and is the yardstick by which I measure womanhood. I am grateful that she loves me, and I decided it was time I wrote down some of the reasons why I know she loves me.

Just a note on the process I went through. A few weeks ago, my wife, Joy, wrote an article titled, "25 Reasons Why I know My Hubby Loves Me" and she read it to me. I was very touched and thanked her - kissed her, too. Life went on and a few weeks later, I was thinking about Joy and decided to write about her. My first thought was to read her article to get some ideas on how to approach the topic. I stopped myself and thought, "This needs to be my thoughts and feelings not guided by hers." So, I didn't reread the article.

Here are my reasons

  • She tells me she loves me every day.

  • She accepted my proposal 59 years ago, and loves to celebrate our anniversary each year.

  • She hugs and kisses me many times a day and tells me she likes my hugs and kisses. When I sneak up behind her and kiss her on the back of the neck, she giggles.

  • She tells me I am her best friend.

  • She often accepts my invitations to go to the hardware store because she likes to be with me.

  • She laughs at my jokes at least most of the time.

  • She worked to help put me through college.

  • She was ready to move anytime my chosen work needed us to move even when it was every three to six months for a couple of years.

  • When we entered the U.S. Air Force, and I needed an operation and was in the hospital for about a month, she was there every day to keep me company.

  • When I started pilot training with an open incision that had to heal from the inside out, she was my nurse to attend the procedures that needed to be done at home for about four months. She has continued to be my loving "nurse" anytime needed.

  • Throughout pilot training, she helped me learn the procedures by quizzing me.

  • Each year she welcomes spring by fixing two of my favorite things, potato salad and deviled eggs.

  • She encourages me to develop my talents. I like to sing, so she urged me into recording an album.

  • She supported my desire to get a master's degree which meant I was gone for 16 months to another state. She stayed in our home and helped earn our living and took care of our two teenaged sons.

  • When a business venture failed, and we lost a significant amount of money, she valued and respected my efforts and mourned the loss with me.

  • She tells me I am handsome. It doesn't seem to matter if I'm in my best duds or work clothes. Sometimes when we're driving in the car, out-of-the-blue she'll look at me and say, "You're so handsome." It's startling and fun.

  • She has created opportunities for us to speak and sing throughout the United States and a few foreign countries. Her recognized talent opened doors for us to jointly share our talents.

  • She helps me know I am needed in her life by asking my opinion, appreciating my strengths and thanking me for what I do. She helps me feel like a man.

  • She has appreciated what I have earned for us and has been wise in protecting what we have. All of my paycheck is safe in her hands.

  • She is sexy and fun and willingly shares herself with me. She knows how important intimacy is to me.

  • She speaks respectfully about me to others. I know I am safe when I am with her and when I am not with her.

  • She has helped make our house a home that is attractive, warm, and welcoming and a place where I can comfortably bring anyone at any time.

  • She is flexible and accommodating. If there is a need to have a quick change in plans, she sees how she can make it happen. There were a number of times a customer wanted to take us out to dinner with little notice and she was fixing dinner at home for the family. She would invite me to bring the customer home or see that the family was taken care of and graciously be ready to go.

  • She likes my touch and tells me so. When I hold her hand or put my arm around her, I feel her responsive warmth. She often snuggles in closer. It feels like our days of courting are being revisited time and time again.

  • She helps keeps my life happy by her spontaneity and fun nature. She will think of trips and places to go. Or respond in the spur-of-the-moment to "Let's go get a hamburger."

  • She has been patient and has endured while I have learned to be a husband and father.

Now it's your turn

Take a few minutes and list some of the reasons why you know your wife loves you. It will be fun, and it will definitely enrich your marriage.

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