The phrase "the honeymoon won't last forever' doesn't have to be true. My husband and I have been married for quite some time and have a child. We still find ways to feel like newlyweds, and to keep things fun and interesting. Couples commonly feel as though they end up in a rut, or they have learned all there is to know about each other. Here are just a few ideas of how to spice things up:

Go on dates

The more the two of you date each other, the more you will learn about each other. There should always be something to learn about one another as you both learn and grow. Get dressed up and do something new not the same old movie theater and dinner. Go somewhere where a suit isn't overkill, and a beautiful dress and heels are preferred.

Don't stop surprising each other

Believe it or not, women find it extremely attractive when men do the dishes. Surprise your man with goodies at work, or with a picnic. My husband and I love having inside picnics during the winter months. We build a fort in the living room, have a picnic and watch a movie.

Cook dinner together

Make everything a team effort. No one should feel that they carry more of a burden for the other person. Experiment with new recipes together. You will be making delicious, or possibly horrendous foods, and spending real quality time together.


Keeping intimacy alive in your marriage is going to be a marriage saver. Make this time together a priority.

Travel together

Experience life together. Travelling and sharing adventures will continue to build a strong foundation for you and your spouse, as well as providing memories that will last forever.

Marriage is a lot of things, but dull should never be on that list. Keep things interesting, sacred, faithful, and fun. Love each other in spite of everything, not despite, forgive each other, forgive yourself, an above all else, love unconditionally.

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