You are home. It has been a busy day. You want to kick up your feet and relax, but responsibilities are still before you. You long to have loving arms wrapped around you and sweet affirmations whispered in your ear. How nice it would be to know that you are loved, no matter what has happened during the day! You are a worthwhile person and life will be okay!

How do you make it happen? When you were dating your spouse, romance was automatic. It didn't take much for the sparks to fly whenever you were together. Now, it takes time and effort. Romance in marriage requires some advance planning and preparation when you have a busy household with a family. Here are some ways to use music to set the mood.

Bring your own "soul music" from your youth into the atmosphere of your home

Generate once again the youthful memories and desires of courting. Back then, special effort was made to look your best and find out what the other person wanted. An atmosphere was created where love could flourish. As a result of these efforts, physical arousal was at its peak, and the touch of a hand brought fireworks to the soul.

Play soft music in the background

Soft music playing at the end of a busy day allows your mind to let go of wordly cares and concerns. The right song playing at the right moment may bring on a kiss, a hug, or a squeeze of the hand. You will feel like dancing in the kitchen. Stir the stew, swing your spouse in your arms, plant a kiss, and share the love.

Enhance dinner with candlelight and music

Make arrangements for children to be elsewhere. Prepare your spouse's favorite meal. Light some candles and turn the lights down low. Add your favorite romantic music. Take your time, enjoy the meal, and whisper about what you would do if you were in an exotic place.

Prepare your bedroom in advance for romance

Light a scented candle and signal to your mate that "tonight is the night" by starting the music. Choose the type that will help you unwind and forget about the cares of the day. Teach your children that a locked door means a private party for two is in session, and their needs can wait.

Try different styles of music

Jazz works great for a peppy pick me up that says, "Let's dance." Easy listening orchestrated favorites bring back memories of days gone by. Meditation music mixed with nature sounds is often labeled for relaxation, but it makes a great romantic atmosphere.

Just like the sound coming from a piano changes with the touch of the hand, romantic music is orchestrated in such a way that it plays on the heart strings and touches the soul. The muscles in the body relax leaving nerve endings close to the surface. Colors, scents, and textures become more vivid, and the imagination takes wing. The desire for physical closeness increases and physical affection leads to a heightened sense of connection.

The purpose of marriage is to engage in the deepest of intimate human experiences, and music helps to make it happen. When you are with your spouse, choose music that brings you closer together, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Communicating on an intimate level with music - soul to soul - increases bonds of love exponentially.

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