Women fill Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat with photos and fun tidbits about their lives. It's the perfect way to keep in touch, especially for family and friends that live far away.

But with the rise of social media also came the rise of selfies. Here are five things men hate about the selfies of the woman they love:

1. Self-degrading captions

Your man loves you and thinks the world of you, so it hurts when he sees you putting yourself down on social media with a self-degrading photo caption. If you're struggling with self-esteem, talk to your sweetheart about it. He'll be there to help you remember how wonderful you truly are without having to turn to the internet for validation.

2. Cleavage

Most men are protective of their sweetheart; they don't want the whole world seeing their wife or girlfriend's cleavage. It doesn't even entirely have to do with jealousy. They hope their spouse will respect their own body by not flaunting it on social media.

3. Fishing for compliments

Men don't want their sweetheart relying on others for confidence. He wants his spouse to know how wonderful she is without that validation. Of course, he's always happy to give her compliments (and she'll always love hearing them). But when she posts a selfie with a caption tearing down her appearance to get others to compliment her, it's gone too far.

In an online thread asking what women do that men dislike, one man admitted he didn't like it when women fish for admiration online:

"Compliment fishing: Calling themselves ugly, dumb, fat etc. The only person [whose] opinion should count is yours and it shouldn't need to be said by another person to make it true."

4. Wearing too much makeup

Men love it when you use makeup to highlight your beautiful features, but don't be afraid to wear just a little or even none at all. Your man loves you whether you're all dolled up or are enjoying the natural look. Show off your natural beauty once in a while.

5. Endless selfies

Posting lots of selfies likely means you're confident, and that's wonderful. Men love confident women. But posting too many selfies can send the message that you're self-centered. And that can turn your man away.

In an online thread asking what women do that men dislike, one Redditor says it plainly: "Endless selfies on social media."

Men love seeing their sweetheart's smiling face, so take all the selfies you want. But be sure to leave out these five things. Because while he adores your selfies, he wants you to treat yourself just as highly as he does.

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