Your spouse is important. You need to continually show them that they are a priority in your life. Without that daily commitment, cracks of distrust and unhappiness will seep in your marriage. Sure, you could go out on plenty dates to help improve your marriage, but it really is in the small and simple things. These tiny actions add up to mean the most. Do these five things each and every day to keep your marriage divorce-proof:

1. Say "I love you"

I can't stress this one enough. Telling your spouse this everyday (and meaning it!) will keep the both of you in love. Say "I love you" in person everyday. You could say it in the morning, at night or at dinner....just don't forget. Feel free to express your love in other ways too; leaving a note or sending a text are also ways to let your spouse know you care. But nothing beats the simple romance of hearing your love whisper "I love you" as they gaze into your eyes.

2. Pray daily

Taking the time to talk together with a higher power gives you the security to be vulnerable in front of your spouse. It's a moment each day where you get personal and emotionally intimate with one another and the Lord. These tender moments revel what your heart wants and will strengthen your marriage.

3. Always kiss

This is the best way you can show your spouse your love. Whenever you have an opportunity to kiss your partner, take it. Whether it be a quick smooch on the forehead or a gentle kiss on the cheek, life is too short to not kiss the person who you love most in life.

4. Us time

Focus on being a couple each day. Setting aside time to listen to one another will help you grow together. Hear about each other's day, listen to each other's frustrations and complaints. Set aside the time to talk about life. Find time to talk about your opinions, joys and frustrations. To do this, you both could wake up just a few minutes earlier in the morning or even take an evening stroll in the park.

5. Make them smile

Everyone deserves to smile everyday; it would be a phenomenal thing if you were the one to give your spouse their smile of the day. You could crack a simple joke, show a them a funny video you saw or talk about an old memory. It does not matter how you do it, just make that grin form across their face and fall in love with the reaction they have.

Many relationships fail because they do not make it a priority. These little actions act as a daily commitment to love and cherish your spouse and your marriage. Life gets busy, but there will always be time to do these five things.They do not go unnoticed and will honestly keep that spark alive.

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