Betrayal can be a big factor when it comes to divorce or breakups. But betrayal doesn't have to apply only to psychical acts— there are several types.

According to Matthew Hussey, author and "love life strategist," cheating is "whatever the two of you have decided is beyond the boundary of what is OK." Betraying can be physical or emotional.

These are some things to look out for when it comes to avoiding being betrayed, according to science:

1. People who have betrayed before

Some people who cheat ask for forgiveness after the act and never do it again. But unfortunately, someone who has cheated before is likely to do it again, according to marriage therapists in a Huffington Post article.

According to the therapists, people can change in some circumstances, but it's difficult. You don't want to assume they'll cheat again if they have before, or else you'll sell them short and you might miss out on a great opportunity. But be careful— if they blame their current partner for causing them to cheat, they probably won't change and they'll do it again.

2. Wealthy men and poor women

It's not news that rich men are more likely to betray, and studies have shown that it's true. The surprise, however, is that women who are poorer are also more likely to betray than women who are well-off. According to one study, the reason is that the woman is looking for a partner who will better support her financially.

3. Narcissistic and selfish people

Author Matthew Hussey explains that narcissists only care about how much love they're getting, and pay no regard to their loved ones. He said, "It's not enough one person loving them; they want to make sure that everyone loves them."

Selfish people do not care about their partner's feelings. They know it will hurt the other person, but they only care about how it will benefit them.

4. When a man's age ends in nine

This is really a surprise. Researchers analyzed information from a dating site for committed adults and found a higher rate of men who were 29, 39, 49 and 59 years old. According to the Wall Street Journal, people who were getting ready to close one decade and start another were more likely to cheat.

5. People who use a lot of social media

There is definitely a connection between people using Facebook or other social media and betrayal. According to Dr. Karen North, social media expert, "People who are so over engaged in social media activities are not as engaged as the actual relationship. They're too busy, they're too busy on social media."

Besides lack of effort in the relationship, the same article also talks about how extensive social media use can cause conflict in the relationship and can lead to divorce.

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