If you love someone, they are worth fighting for. But, what happens when that love ends or is not reciprocated?

Divorces make it seem like good marriages are a thing of the past. Marriage has become so disposable - if it doesn't work, throw it away. Never mind the past years of happiness before the rough patch. Obviously, there are some divorces that are necessary. Instances of abuse, habitual infidelity or when it poses any other danger to the spouse or children make a divorce needed for safety. Otherwise, most marriages are salvageable with a little effort.

Read these 5 common reasons people use to justify divorce.

This video depicts a Chinese couple who is struggling in their marriage. The husband hands the wife divorce papers. She is visibly upset, yet, consents to sign if he does one thing for her - hold her once every day for a month. He agrees to the stipulation.

The wife, Faye, has her husband meet her in various locations starting with where he proposed to her. She reminds him of the proposal, the ring and that he made a life-long commitment to her. The request of holding her is fulfilled and they depart until the next day.

This process is repeated with the locations of the first "I love you," their first kiss and finally, where they first met - where Faye brings the signed divorce papers, as promised.

As she walks away, her husband is struck with the memory of how they first met. He runs and calls after her, "Can I hold you tomorrow?"

The message is simple: "Love, don't let it go."

The greatest heartbreak in life is often losing someone you love. Don't let it happen in your marriage. To make love last, try these ideas:

  • Remember why you fell in love.

  • Court each other - you know, like you used to do when you were dating.

  • Have regular date nights. Read "5 reasons marriage shouldn't get in the way of dating."

  • Communicate feelings, thoughts, concerns and other important topics with your spouse.

  • Physical touch is important. It communicates what words cannot.

  • Speak with a marriage counselor to overcome larger hurdles.

  • Don't let little things become big things in your marriage.

Before you give up, put in more effort. Read "10 key to a triumphant marriage" for some more important things to do to keep marriages strong. Strong marriages take work from both spouses. The reward is everlasting.

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