There are many times in our lives when some things just don't make sense. You find yourself crying during a commercial on TV or straining your neck to follow a butterfly as it dances through the air over your shoulder. Sometimes you even stay with the person who has hurt you so deeply because you know the man behind the pain is trapped in his own personal hell and love is the only thing that can save him.

For some there's that boy in fifth grade you had a massive crush on for some unknown reason. He wasn't the cutest or the most popular kid in your class, but to you he was absolutely dreamy.

For others it's the girl your senior year that captivated your every thought even though she didn't know your name or that you even existed.

Or, how about spring break in college when you met "the one" on your last day of vacation only to spend the next five years pining over him, waiting for him to come charging in on his white horse and ride you into the sunset?

Why do we do that? What makes us love without logic when logic would otherwise be shouting in your ear, "What are you thinking?"

1. To each his own

Each one of us experiences love on different levels and in different ways. How we express love varies from person to person as well. So, what might seem illogical to us could seem perfectly natural to the person doing the loving. While we may not always understand the reasons behind our emotions, we learn something new about ourselves and about relationships each time we're exposed to love.

2. Understand unconditional

To love unconditionally is to love completely. It means to appreciate and honor the person as he or she is with only his best interests in mind. It's loving someone even when we don't feel loved in return. It's the uninhibited love we get from our family dog that we can't help but give back. It's the unexplainable love we have for our children when they've broken our hearts and wounded our pride. It's forgiving when the pain is still fresh. Unconditional love could very well be defined as illogical, but then again so could denying yourself the experiences of love.

3. Love radically

If love made sense and was the same for everyone, we'd all end up living as emotional robots. Daring to love when all signs point in the other direction catapults change in perspectives, hearts, minds and lives. Loving the homeless man by taking him to lunch on a scorching summer day could be the one thing that encourages him to start the process of restoring his family. Logic can talk you right out of missing some of life's greatest blessings, so try it a few times and see what loving without logic can do for you as well as the person receiving it. Neither of you will ever be the same again.

4. A love like no other

When you hear stories of illogical love, are you reminded of a life that was sacrificed as a way to express love beyond all reason for people who weren't even born yet? While that kind of love leaves you shaking your head in awe and wonder, it is without a doubt a love that withstands the test of time and shatters the illusions of fear and doubt. Love may get knocked down, kicked around, torn apart and lose the battle, but love always wins the war. Trust love. It may not always make sense, but it never fails.

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