Men and women share a lot of similarities. But they're also vastly different. And I don't just mean anatomically. Men have different drives, desires and motivations than women. And because men and women are different sometimes there are a lot of misunderstandings between the genders.

Nowhere are men's and women's differences more apparent than in how men and women feel loved. Because you love your husband you want him to know it. But because he's a man sometimes it's difficult for you to show him you love him in ways that he will see. So sometimes you feel like he really doesn't understand how much you love him. Well, here are 3 things you can do to show your husband that you really do care.

Plan the date once in a while

There's an unspoken expectation that men are supposed to be the ones to plan the date. And, usually, they're are happy to do it. But after a while they begin to feel that it's misbalanced for them to always be the one to do it. Afterall, you're both married now so why does he have to be the one to do it all the time?

Planning the date shows your husband that you care about your marriage enough to break old gender stereotypes and plan the date once in a while. And this will show him that you care in big ways that he will see and appreciate.

Send random texts

Everyone has seen postcards that say something like "wish you were here." And when you recieved one of these postcards it makes you feel good that someone was thinking about you enough to lick a stamp and send it to you. It's not a big, long letter expressing undying love. It's just a simple postcard. But it still made you feel loved.

Nowadays, e-communication has taken the place of snail-mail and postcards. But e-communciations can still have the same effect. And one of the ways of showing someone you're thinking of them is text messaging. When your husband gets a text message saying I love you it's like getting a "wish you were here" postcard to him. It makes him feel happy that you thought about him enough to send a simple message. Even though it's simple, he still likes it and knows that you love him.

Have sex with him...often

I know it's cliche'. But this cliche is true. Men feel close to their wife when they know that you want (and like) to have sex with him. If you don't want to have sex with him, he begins to wonder why. He begins thinking that maybe you're not in love with him, or maybe there's something wrong with him. Afterall, when you're married there are no other reasons to not have sex.

Sex is a great way to show intimacy and passion in ways that you can't show with anyone else. So when your husband knows you want to have sex with him it makes him feel special. And he feels loved as a result.

Yes, men and women really are different. And nowhere is this more apparent than how men and women feel loved. But knowing these things can help you show love to your husband in ways that he sees and appreciates. And when he sees and appreciates how much you love him, you two will grow together in loving, intimate ways that you never knew you could.

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