Everyone has social media followers who either make everything they post about their relationship, don't post anything about it, and everything in between. Wherever you fall on the scale of posting too much to not posting enough, these actions can send subliminal messages to followers that lets them make their assumptions about your relationship.

Social media posts can say a lot about a person or their relationship, so it's essential to be aware of the potentially harmful things you could be posting, and what it could expose about your relationship. There is a level of privacy that is lost when you make a post about your relationship online, and not every relationship can handle that.

So what do your social media posts say about your relationship?

You're trying to incite jealousy.

If you find yourself eager to post pictures of you and your new beau because you still follow your ex,
chances are you haven't let the hurt of that relationship go. You may also find yourself regularly stalking their social media profiles looking for any sight of them moving on, and when you do find it, you feel betrayed. By using your new relationship to get a reaction from a previous ex, you are saying that you aren't over that person and have not moved on. This kind of behavior doesn't scream committed to your new partner, and it may be a good idea to take some time to address those feelings before you ruin your new relationship.

You only post "perfect" photos.

There is a trend across social media where people work twice as hard to portray this perfect life that they live despite what may be going on behind those posts. If you find yourself only wanting to post photos that are picture-perfect in your eyes, you could unknowingly be expressing your unhappiness with yourself or your relationship. By only wanting to display perfect pictures, you may be trying to convince yourself or social media that you are in this perfect relationship when, in reality, it couldn't be farther from perfect. It doesn't help that everyone uses these algorithms, and it just creates an unrealistic standard for what happy relationships should look like.

You run to social media to vent about your relationship.

If you use social media to vent about all of your relationship's problems, you give the world a front seat view of the downfall of your relationship. By doing this, you invite others and their opinions into your relationship, which is never a good idea. By posting all of your relationship's business, you subject your partner to the outside criticisms without their consent. Sharing these private and personal deals will not only lessen your intimacy but also make your partner uncomfortable. You have to create an awareness of your relationship outside of yourself. Not having this awareness or boundary is an easy way to jeopardize your relationship. It also says you have a desperate need to feel important and be noticed.

You rarely post about your relationship.

Have you ever felt that moment of heartbreak when you find out your social media crush is in a relationship, but you never knew it because they don't post anything about their relationship? This can mean one of two things: Either they are ashamed of their partner or the relationship, or they view their selfies and food pictures as more important than sharing photos of their significant other. There's nothing wrong with a page full of selfies; Your social media accounts are your platform for self-expression. But, not saying anything about your relationship says more than you know.

You continuously post long, drawn-out love letters.

The beauty of social media is being able to post quick messages online that can be easily seen and interpreted by users. If you are using social media to write out long essays and calling them love letters, these types of posts get old fast and are most likely insincere. You have every right to express your love for your partner, but these doses of love should be done in moderation. Love letters should be intimate displays of affection. When you post them online for the world to see, they lose their value and don't seem as genuine. After all, who wants to get a love letter that was shared publicly with hundreds of people? Would you feel as special?

You are genuinely happy.

It's a no brainer that whenever you see a cute relationship-related post, you assume the couple is happy, and most of the time, that's the case. There are a lot of people who are genuinely happy with their significant other and jump at every chance to share these moments with social media. It makes them feel good to see the likes and comments under their pictures, and they love including their loved ones in their relationship. If this is you, keep doing what you're doing. Love is an amazing thing to share with someone, and if you are genuinely expressing that on social media, your intentions for your posts will never be questioned.

Expressing your romantic life on social media can get complicated if the motives for sharing are fueled by emotions other than love. While social media can strengthen relationships due to its ability to keep people connected, it can harm romantic relationships.

A good rule of thumb when posting about your relationship on social media is knowing your intentions for sharing your post. If you want to post a picture of your significant other because you want to publicly express your gratitude for them, then go for it. But if your need to express PDA has ill intent, think about all of the messages you could easily send with your posts.

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