Ok, let's talk about sex.

I know what you are thinking, "We already live in a world that is inundated with sex; it's on every TV screen, movie screen, computer screen, billboard, etc."

And while this may be true, there is one very important place where this act needs to be discussed and done on a regular basis, and that's within your marriage.

While it may be a bit of an exaggeration to say that sex is the answer for ALL marital woes, there is something to be said about many of the ails that can be healed through regular intercourse with your husband or wife.

Here are some reasons that sex can be a key factor in fixing many common martial issues, and why the most important place it should be a constant is in your marriage.

It is really good for your physical and emotional health as a couple

Couples trigger sex drive, romance, and attachment, along with their attendant hormones, testosterone, dopamine, and oxytocin, with regular sexual activity, according to Helen Fisher, PhD, and research professor and member of the Center for Human Evolutionary Studies in the department of anthropology at Rutgers University.

Fisher went on to say that there is a reason why most people like sex, and that when it is with someone you love such as your husband or wife, it's good for both your health and relationship.

She also said it is good for respiration, muscles, bladder control, and is the best antidepressant, and renews your energy.

It increases your desire and love towards your spouse

According to Andrea M. Macari, PhD, a clinical psychologist who specializes in sex therapy in Great Neck, N.Y., said that while couples have times when desire is high and times when desire is low, the more a couple gets intimate the greater desire they will have for each other and the act itself.


She said by having regular sexual activity the couple can create a desire that might not be there on a regular basis, but when done more often generated even more of that desire, attraction, and love.

It's a great motivator

Having sex on a regular basis can be a great motivating factor in setting aside alone time with your husband or wife and making that alone time a top priority.

Also having regular and more constant sexual interaction with your spouse can create great motivation to be active outside the bedroom: meaning the individuals within the couple will have motivation to be more physically fit and have a healthier lifestyle.

It creates opportunities to talk about things you might not want to talk about

Sometimes talking to your husband or wife about the sexual intimacy within your relationship, or letting them know you want things to change in that department can be both embarrassing and awkward.

Once you open up that can of worms you will find it's actually not that bad, and you and your husband or wife will be closer because of it.

If you set some goals for yourselves, you will find that regularly getting intimate with your spouse will make opening up a lot easier, and you will feel more connected than ever.

In actuality it might not solve all your problems; but it sure will help

WebMD reports that couples who make a conscious effort to have sex on a regular basis are happier, healthier, and more satisfied with their relationship.


That being said- sex won't necessarily solve every problem that pops up in your marriage, but doing it more often than not can be like a vitamin that could help prevent more problems from occurring in the future.

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