In recent years, humans are transfixed on the digital world. Our eyes seldom leave our screens as we are captivated by social media and trending topics. Our focus on social media has given all of us an unusual need for others to validate our lives. What trending topics don't show is the amount of relationships that fail when they are showcased on social media. Even though it is tempting to do so, there are many benefits to limiting your relationship posts on social media.

You will be free of false validation

When you post your sweet couple selfies, and tweet about the best date you ever had, who are you really doing it for? Your Facebook friends do not need to validate the strength of your relationship. A healthy and stable relationship does not need to be brought in the public eye. If you constantly post a photo or a video of your time together, it implies a sense of insecurity in your relationship. Relying on others' validation put unnecessary pressure on your relationship. You may force yourself to fall in love too soon because of everyone else's perspective. You don't have to refrain from putting pictures of you and your significant other on Facebook, but be careful not to post too much. No relationship has ever been strengthened because of 300 likes on a photo.

No one can stick their nose in your relationship

Just like we do with celebrity couples, constantly posting about your romance will be an open invitation for others to get involved. Not only will you be dating your significant other, you will be dating your followers as well. Constant posting gives your relationship an unnecessary audience. Your relationship is not am movie — no one needs to snack on popcorn while watching your personal drama unfold. With that said, it is much easier to deal with a hard time without having an audience to comment and ask why you haven't been posting as often. You can also avoid the unwanted "When are you getting married" badgering as well. If your relationship is on Facebook, you are giving people ammo to voice their opinions about your relationship.

You can easily avoid your ex

No one wants to give their ex partners an unlimited access card to their personal life. You may receive unwanted attention from your spouse if you post your new relationship online. That action can also give them a reason to snoop around your profile and your new boyfriend's profile as well. In some moments, you may unconsciously be posting in spite of your ex. If you are truly happy and secure in your new relationship, there is no reason you should be inviting your ex back into your life or thinking about your ex at all.

Your time spent together will be more valuable

The most valuable part of your relationship is the time you two spend together. Would you ever want to invite a whole bunch of random people to your romantic picnic in the park? I highly doubt it. By posting every romantic and sweet moment in your relationship, you are inviting everyone else in on your most intimate and personal moments with one another. Keep the quality time strictly between you and your love.

Your breakup will go smoother

Unfortunately, breakups happen. They are difficult enough on their own, but social media can enhance the pain of it. By changing your relationship status on Facebook, not only will you feel sincere sadness when changing it back to "single," but people will bombard you with countless prying questions about what happened. A breakup on social media further ignites the devastation you are feeling, especially when all you want to do is listen to Taylor Swift songs and eat a box of chocolate by yourself.

All in all, social media invades every aspect of our lives. Our birthdays, our triumphs and our everyday life. Don't let social media have the satisfaction of invading your relationship as well. A healthy relationship begins with you and your significant other and the wonderful things that happen when the two of you are together. It is personal, and no one else needs to know all of the details.

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