Remember the moment when you fell in love with him? The time when he swept you off your feet and took your breath away? The instant when you realized you couldn't imagine a life without him?

If you've forgotten what it was that made you fall for him, or if you just want that reassurance again that he's the one, here are 29 signs proving that he's the absolute best.

1. He makes mistakes.

He's not perfect, and he recognizes that.

2. He makes you feel like you can become the best possible version of yourself.

Plus, he tells you that you do the same for him.

3. He's dedicated.

He has direction in his life and a determination to be better than he is now. He also is insanely dedicated to you, and he always will be.

4. He loves your dreams.

He fell for you in part for your ambitions. He sees the potential in you that you often don't let yourself believe in, and he won't let you settle for mediocre.

5. He loves your crazy.

You can be quirky or weird with him. He feels like he doesn't have to put on a face with you either.

6. He thinks of you, even and especially when he's angry.

In heated arguments, he has his opinion but is willing to listen to what you have to say because "being right" is not his first priority. It's you.

7. He tells you that he loves you, over and over again.

He doesn't overuse the phrase because he actually means it every single time.

8. He would never call you something demeaning.

His words aren't harsh or biting. One of his biggest fears would be hurting you.

9. He makes you smile.

You have moments when you look in the mirror and think about how much he loves you, and you can't help but smile after that. What he wants, more than anything, is for you to be happy.

10. He will randomly cook your favorite meal, buy your favorite treat or send you your favorite flowers.

He wants you to know that you mean the world to him. More than the world.

11. He holds you closer when you're scared.

Just by the feel of his touch, you know that you're safe and that you will be forever.

12. He is kind.

He treats you and others with respect. You never worry that he won't take care of you. This one could be the most important trait that makes him the best husband.

13. He forgives you.

This could be the second-most important trait. He never holds your past mistakes against you. He lets them go and encourages you to do the same.

14. He never wants to let you go.

He's not pretending to be a young Leonardo DiCaprio, he truly wants to be as close to you as he can.

15. He reminds you of your favorite song.

Those fantasies you had years ago listening to those love songs have finally come true. You're in awe that life could be this good.

16. He randomly texts you that he misses you, and he means it.

He is always genuine because honesty means a great deal to him.

17. He smiles and you know it's because he thinks you're beautiful.

You know that look he gives you when you walk out, even in something as simple as jeans and a T-shirt? That look when he stares at you just a little longer than normal? Again, it's not fake, he honestly thinks you are the most beautiful girl in the world.

18. He doesn't just kiss you goodnight.

He wants to kiss you as much as you deserve, which is over and over and over again.

19. He kisses you even when you're sick.

If he wants to kiss you so much that he would risk getting sick himself, he must really love you. Men who only lust after you aren't going to take that risk.

20. He gets your humor.

You laugh together but not in a way that's belittling to each other or to someone else. You've never laughed more than when you're with him.

21. He wants to tell you everything.

He realizes that open communication is going to save your relationship. So even if he's quiet around others, he's going to fight for you and tell you even the smallest details. He wants to make this work.

22. He wants to be intimate with you.

Not just for himself, but to have that strong, emotional connection with you along with the physical. This is one of the best ways he knows to show you just how much you mean to him.

23. He can't imagine a life without you.

Anytime he makes plans or future goals, he makes them with you in mind. Anything else would be less than perfect.

24. He feels like he's home whenever he's with you.

You're his new family, and the thought of going back to how it was before you is unfathomable.

25. He would cross oceans for you.

You definitely know that he's the best when he does something extraordinary for you, something out of his comfort zone.

26. He is grateful.

Even if you don't think you did much to receive his thanks, he is incredibly appreciative of the little things that you do or say.

27. He loves your children, but he loves you over anything and everything.

If your kids don't know how much your husband loves you, then he doesn't feel like he's doing the best that he can.

28. He doesn't believe that he deserves you.

His humility shocks you. He's going to spend the rest of his life trying to be the man that he thinks you deserve.

29. He needs you.

And he doesn't need anything.

You've found someone that you love unconditionally. You love him for who he is, and you see his potential just like he sees yours. You know that if you give your all to this relationship, like he continues to do every single day, you will not only make your marriage work, but it will be like magic.

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