Husbands are so great. It takes hard work to build a fabulous marriage, and hopefully your hubby does everything he can to make that a reality for the two of you. But in the craziness of life, it can be easy to forget just how awesome your husband is. If he says these 16 things, hold him tight because you have the best husband ever.

1. "You're beautiful"

No matter how tough we think we are, women love to hear compliments like this. If your husband says it on a regular basis, you know he means it.

2. "You deserve a break"

Your sweetheart sees how hard you work, so he'll do anything to give you a break (even if it's only a few minutes to yourself).

3. "Let me rub your back"

There's nothing sweeter than getting a back rub offer after a long day.

4. "My wife is the best because ..."

If your husband brags to his friends about how awesome you are, you really hit the jackpot.

5. "Thank you"

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, especially by the person you love most.

6. "Tell me more about ... "

If he asks you to tell him more about whatever your passions are, he's a great listener - those are hard to come by.

7. "What do you think about ... "

If he says these words, he values your opinion and knows you'll help him make the best decision.

8. "Let me help you"

You're basically a superhero (so it can be hard to ask for help). When your hubby offers, gracefully accept and appreciate it. He knows you can do it on your own, but he's happy to make your life easier.

9. "I trust you"

Trust is such an important part of any relationship, and your hubby knows he can be honest with you and trust you with anything.

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10. "I'm sorry"

It's hard for anyone to admit they're wrong, and the words "I'm sorry" are hard to come by. But if your mister can say these words, he's the best.

11."You're the best"

He's just telling the truth! Believe him when your man talks about how great you are.

12. "You're my best friend"

Having a best friend as a spouse is awesome, and your husband loves that you're his bestie, confidant and cuddle buddy.

13. "You make me happy"

This seems obvious, but it's important. Your sweetheart wants you to know what an important part of his life you are.

14. "You're a great mom"

If you're a mom, life is probably pretty overwhelming at times. You may even feel inadequate some days. Believe your hubby when he says you're a great mom, because he's telling the truth.

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15. "You're doing an amazing job"

No matter your circumstances, it's nice to be reminded that your work isn't going unnoticed. Whether it's with your job, mom responsibilities or anything else, your mister is grateful for all you do.

16. "I love you"

"I love you" is the most important thing you can say to your sweetheart. Even when your mister mumbles this into your ear before falling asleep, listen to these three words and know they're true.

Share this with your hubby to let him know he's the best ever.

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