Loyalty is one of the most important things you can have in a marriage, and marriages often fall apart due to broken trust ... but don't worry too much! If your man does these 12 things, he'll always stay loyal to you and ONLY you:

1. He prioritizes you

Your husband loves you and knows you're a priority in his life. Work, kids and every other responsibility need attention, but he always makes sure he meets your needs.

2. He keeps certain issues private

Whether you're having marital issues or you're trying to make a big decision, he keeps it between the two of you. Unless you need to go to a counselor to work out deeper issues, keeping those problems private will help you solve them in the best way possible for the two of you.

3. He keeps female relationships professional

You're husband is going to interact with other women — and that's perfectly fine and normal. But he makes sure he doesn't get too comfortable. He doesn't flirt because he knows you're the only one for him.

4. He includes you in decisions

He wants your opinion about every decision, whether it's what haircut he should get or if the two of you should move out of the country together. Your opinion genuinely matters to him in all things.

5. He respects you

Respect is so important in a relationship, and a man who respects his wife would never be unfaithful to her.

6. He keeps open communication

You two can talk about anything, and you don't keep any secrets from each other. Having open communication keeps both of you honest and eliminates opportunity for infidelity.

7. He stands up for you

Your husband would do anything to defend you, and he always takes your side during arguments with friends or family members. If anyone (including his mom) says a bad word about you, he's quick to correct them.

8. He doesn't look at pornography

Pornography is deadly to a relationship, so he avoids it altogether. He would rather have an intimate relationship with you than his screen.

9. He values his time with you

If he has a minute to spare, he'll spend it with you every time. He loves hanging out, and he knows your time together is special. All of his attention belongs to you.

10. He keeps his promises

If he promises you a back rub at the end of the day, you know he'll keep his word. No promise is too small for him to keep, and he takes every promise very seriously — including the promise he made to be loyal when you fell in love and got married.

11. He's friends with your friends and family

An unfaithful man won't get close to your family and friends — he doesn't want those meaningful connections. If your husband is fully invested with your friends and family, it's definitely a sign of loyalty.

12. He knows you love him

One of the biggest reasons people cheat is because they don't feel an emotional connection to their spouse anymore. Make sure he knows how much you love and appreciate him.

The biggest thing to remember is that trust in a relationship is extremely important. Don't always assume your husband is cheating. Work on cultivating a loving, healthy relationship with each other and if one of you is cheating, work it out in a way that's best for you and your spouse.

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