That feeling when someone gives you a genuine compliment is pretty spectacular. There's a little flutter in your heart and a renewed zeal for life.

But, you only get that feeling if you actually believe the compliment. If someone tells you your house looks gorgeous when you have a construction crew ripping out the cupboards and brownie batter flung across every surface, it may do nothing to elicit that euphoric feeling.

So why wait for someone to send a compliment your way when you know yourself best and what compliments you deserve? Don't wait. Give yourself these compliments today.

1. Just by being around me, other people's coolness level goes up eight percent

Realizing the effect you have on others is powerful. Even if you don't consider yourself a leader, your attitude can change a room. Believe you can improve people's lives by simply being you.

2. I'm good at making cold cereal

If you have a knack for pouring the perfect ratio of milk to Honey Clusters in a bowl, celebrate that fact. Maybe you are talented at writing the perfect subject line in an email or you are a towel folding ninja. There is no talent too small. Celebrate what you're good at.

3. I am loveable

Being loveable does not depend on whether people love you. (For the record, they absolutely do.) You can be loveable, even if no one wants to date you or your friends aren't talking to you. Being loveable simply means you are deserving of love. You are loveable because you let that other car merge in front of you in traffic. You are loveable because you listened to your spouse vent about his day. But most of all you are loveable because you are a human being. You don't even need to do anything to earn the right to be loved. Nothing you do can separate you from the fact that you are a person who is worth being loved.

4. The world is lucky I exist

You contribute to the world. Whether you are creating the world's best cookie recipe or simply giving a cookie to a kid who had a bad day, you are changing the world for the better. People are lucky you are here. No one else can add to the world in quite the way you can.

5. I am not my neighbor or my parent or my sibling

The fact that you aren't your friend or your sister or cousin's best friend's dog is in no way an insult to those people (or dogs). In fact, not being them is liberating. It means that even though your mom is talented at becoming best friends with the grocery store cashier, you are no less talented for not doing so. It means you're free to choose different paths. Just because none of your siblings went to college doesn't mean you can't. Who you are is not defined by who other people are. You are your own person, and that's spectacular.

6. I can do it

Is there anything you can't do? Honestly, you could have a career selling popsicle sticks if you wanted. Seriously, you have the capacity to conquer any daunting task in your path. You can get out of bed in the morning, you can make that phone call to a stranger, you can ask your boss for a raise and you can potty train your little one. You're awesome.

7. I am one in seven billion

Yes, you are only one person out of the seven billion in this world, and that can feel insignificant. Really, it means you are better than one in a million. You are one in seven billion! You are a one-of-a-kind human. There is no one like you.

8. My opinion is worthy

Your opinion has inherent value because you are a human being. This doesn't mean your opinion is always right, but it does mean you have the right to be heard. In fact, what you think may be important for someone else to hear. Don't allow yourself to believe the worth of your opinion or your right to share it is impacted by your age, gender, race or anything else.

9. I am becoming better every day

You make mistakes, and you make them every day. Yuck. Do you know what's awesome about that? You fix them. You see those mistakes, and you know you want to avoid them, so you improve. It's awesome how you are becoming a better version of yourself each day.

10. I work hard for what I get

Effort deserves recognition. You know it wasn't easy to get where you are. It's important to be grateful to those who have contributed to your success, but don't let that diminish your pride in your own efforts. Give yourself credit for the hard work you've put in to get a job, teach your child to say "please" or get a scuba-diving license.

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