When it comes to attractiveness, plenty is said about what makes a person beautiful. Maybe height and eye color is what it takes for someone to be beautiful. But what about a person's characteristics or actions? Can those be attractive too?

In all reality, it is not the clothes we wear or who has the longest hair that make people good-looking. How we treat others and ourselves is what ensure people stick around.

Here are 10 habits you will always find in truly beautiful people:

1. Sincerity

When you can honestly empathize with those around you, people will see you as beautiful. Everyone wants to be understood and will want to associate with people who know where they are coming from. People will develop honest connections with those who learn to empathize with others.

2. Spontaneity

People adore those who can easily balance structure and fun; it's hard to do, but being a cheerful and spontaneous person is really attractive. If you can also discover a way to enjoy the unplanned parts of life, you've achieved one of the ways to be happy - and we all know how beautiful a happy person is.

3. Live in the moment

Simply put, this habit makes your mind look beautiful. You live your days embracing every detail and just taking it all in. The sounds of a cricket, the shapes the clouds form, the taste of sweet honey in your mouth...all of this careful observation makes you into a memorable person people want to be around.

4. Rhythm

No, not the type that you dance to, but rather the one that you live by. What I mean by rhythm is what makes you tick. What puts a spring in your step? What puts a hidden smile on your lips? Is the rhythm of your life one others can dance to, or do you keep your music hidden? I think my life's rhythm is like a drum; my life bounces, rebounds and vibrates loudly for all to hear.

5. Confidence

This will always be considered attractive. Period. A person who embraces and understand their own self-worth can't be beat.

6. Kindness to strangers

If you are kind to strangers it's a clear window into your heart. Someone who is compassionate describes how sweet and warm you are towards others. If you're willing to open yourself up to a stranger, imagining how you will help those you're close with is extremely attractive.

7. Living clean

I mean this in all aspects of your life. Keep your home clean, keep a clean appearance, eat clean, use clean and concise language. A clean life is a beautiful one.

8. Smiling

Smiling will not only make yourself feel happy but also increases how attractive people consider you...it's also contagious!

9. Treating yourself

Someone who loves themselves is attractive, so go ahead and treat yourself (in moderation, no one loves a narcissist). Let yourself glow after wearing that new outfit. Step out and get a pedicure during the week because sometimes we deserve those little things in life. People will notice how you take care of yourself and your happiness will spread.

10. Humility

Someone who is humble has one of the most attractive qualities I could ask for, and I don't say that lightly. They have a quality to them that just spreads tenderness and affection. Humility envelopes you when you talk to them. It inspires you to be a better person. It impacts you in an indescribable way.

No matter your appearance, what counts is how you see yourself. Strive to have beautiful qualities that will make you attractive.

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