It's 11 in the morning, but you already feel ready for a nap. The first thing many moms to be notice is how tired that baby growing inside can make you. Pregnancy can cause physical and emotional fatigue and stress for expectant mothers. Here are a few ways to relax during pregnancy:

Slow down

It may be difficult to try and maintain a normal schedule during pregnancy - especially during the first and third trimesters. Instead of fighting it, readjust your pace. Make your schedule adapt to your body's physical and emotional changes.


Don't try to control every aspect surrounding your pregnancy. Enlist help or hand over those errands or projects that may be too strenuous for you to do right now.

Plan ahead

Deciding and planning important issues ahead of time will reduce stress later on. Make decisions about birth plans, pediatricians and childcare early in the pregnancy.

Don't sweat the small stuff

It's important to make sure baby has the essentials such as, clothing, a crib and car seat. Don't fret over those celebrity endorsed "do-dads" that do nothing but put a hole in your wallet.

Limit advice

Sometimes well-meaning advice and birth stories can cause anxiety and stress. Limit your advice to those professionals that you have entrusted with your care.

Take a break

Most expectant mothers regain their energy around the second trimester. This is the perfect time to take a vacation or enjoy a get-away weekend.

Get pampered

If travel is not an option, take a mental vacation. Take advantage of feet and back massages. Enlist your husband to pamper you or splurge on a day at the spa.

Eat right

A healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables and lean protein will help limit weight gain which can be stressful emotionally and physically. Eating healthy can also deter conditions such as heartburn and constipation, which are common nuisances during pregnancy.


With your doctor's approval continue or begin a daily exercise regimen. It will help strengthen your body as you prepare for birth. Thirty minutes of exercise can also help a person relax.

Go to sleep

Take advantage of naps and early bedtimes. This may be the best sleep you'll have for a while. Enjoy every bit of it.

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