There is something magical and wonderful about having a sister. A sister can make you smile or laugh and can really be there to help you through your struggles. However, like any relationship it also has its ups and downs. There are fights and disagreements. However, some of those arguments are actually quite hilarious to look back on later in life.

1. Sharing a room

The wonderful day has arrived; you are getting a sister. You think- finally, another girl in the house to play with. Then shortly after this baby arrives, or sometimes as soon as they arrive, your parents give you the news. You will be sharing a room. Maybe you're excited at first. It always scared you to sleep by yourself anyways. However, within a few years you are fighting.

"She never picks up after herself." "She doesn't make the bed." These are just a few of the complaints that begin. One friend said that she and her sister fought so much that their dad built an actual wall in their room to give them each their own space.

2. Touching stuff

Even if you and your sister didn't have to share a room, your sister still probably touched your stuff. Maybe she played with your toys or possibly she got into your nail polish. There is no end of complaints and fights in regards to the touching of stuff, especially when no permission was given.

3. Ruining stuff

When you share a room or even a house and your sister touches your stuff, occasionally stuff gets ruined. There may or may not have been a certain cabbage patch doll at one house that ended up with a red marker dot on its bum from one little sister. Oops. "Barbie hair is supposed to be cut, right?" or "I thought lipstick is to be applied all over your body." Even worse for a parent of a young toddler, "I wanted to paint my own nails. I don't know how it got on the carpet."

4. Whose turn

Sometimes an older sister can act like the boss and sometimes a younger sister can try to get out of chores or vice versa. A power struggle is not uncommon with sisters and deciding whose turn it is for a chore or who gets to be in charge are some of the major ones that sisters have. Whoever wins gets to be in charge and/or possibly gets out of a chore. Unless mom is called in to help with this fight, then no one wins.

5. Purposely annoy

When a sister feels like the other sister is ignoring her, she might resort to this tactic. She might purposely poke at you until you scream or follow you around bugging you to do what she wants. Maybe she will whine while following you around- whatever it takes to get a reaction and some attention.

6. "She Won't Play With Me!"

While one sister might want to play Barbie's endlessly, the other sister might prefer video games or playing outside. Whatever it is, somewhere hardwired in a sister's mind is the thought that a sister is an instant playmate. This can be quite challenging when you do not agree on what to play.

7. Clothes

You could probably write an entire book about the fights sisters will get into about clothes. "She keeps trying to match with me, and I don't want to wear matching clothes." "She takes my clothes without asking." "I look better in this outfit, so it should be mine." This could go on forever, but I think you get the point.

8. Bathroom

Sharing a bathroom can be quite the challenge. Some girls can spend an hour getting ready. Trying to find a way to get into the bathroom when you have to compete with a sister can sometimes feel impossible. Other bathroom fights occur when you are required to clean the bathroom. Once again, no two sisters are alike. One might be terribly clean and the other a perpetual mess maker.

9. Beauty injuries

Maybe your sister decided to try her hand at cutting hair. You were the lucky first client. It could be that your wonderful sister was helping you flat iron your hair and got a little too close to the ears and burned them. Whatever the beauty injury is, you should feel lucky that your sister wants to perfect her skills with your help.

10. Tell all

Bringing a friend or boyfriend home to your family can be hard enough, but when your sister decides to tell that person embarrassing stories about you, it will make you want to crawl under a rock. Sisters sometimes don't know when to keep their mouths shut about all those wonderful memories.

11. Snooping

That secret journal may not be that secret around your sister. Your notes, texts, and everything else, are a big temptation that some sisters cannot avoid. They figure that everything should be shared since, after all, you are growing up together.

12. Honesty

There is nothing better and harder than shopping with a sister. She will tell you exactly what she thinks. That doesn't just go for shopping, either. Sisters are wonderful at letting you know when you acted weird, keeping you fashionable and up-to-date on the latest trends or how to be better at everything.

The most amazing thing about sisters is when they still love you even when you don't listen or appreciate them. No matter what you and your sister fight or fought about, there is nothing better than having a sister as your greatest friend and your best supporter. So go hug and make up because sisters are amazing.

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