It's the time of year that most of us dread. The temperature changes and colds, flu, stomach bugs and other infections and bacteria are rampant. As parents, we often get woken up in the night to change bedding and shower a sick child, or we catch whatever nasty sickness the kids have shared.

Many moms have found natural approaches to preventing illness, fighting off illnesses and relieving symptoms.

Keep hands washed

This is a simple, yet sometimes overlooked task. Handwashing can help prevent the spread of germs. It is especially important after coughing, sneezing, or nose wiping.


is a fizzy, immune boosting drink filled with vitamin C and other nutrients. It helps balance your pH, can help settle a sick tummy, and helps your body heal more quickly. Use it to stay healthy as well. It comes in a variety of flavors. Drink it as-is, or pour a packet into a smoothie. You can find it at Costco, Walmart, at or your local grocery store. See what feels like the best match for your family. (It might be more than one).


is a great natural antibiotic. Often goldenseal is used in conjunction with echinacea. It helps strengthen the immune system.

Licorice Root

is helpful for the lungs. Licorice root can help open up your lungs so you can breathe better. Licorice root can cause high blood pressure in large amounts, so use with caution.


and Tei-Fu Essential Oil are effective for treating breathing issues, headaches, sore throats, earaches, sinuses, runny noses, coughing, and sore muscles. These are also useful when you want to stimulate drainage from the ears—put it behind the ears down the cords of the neck to the collar bone.

Black or green tea bags

can be used on the eyes. Goopy eyes, pink eye or styes can be healed with a simple and cheap tea bag.

  • Dip it in warm water or run it under the warm faucet until it starts to steep.

  • Use a paper towel to keep the liquid under control and place the tea bag directly on the closed eye.

  • Hold it there for as long as you can. This may be more difficult for young children, so distract them with a book or TV.

  • Repeat this a few times a day until the infection clears.


especially raw honey has many health benefits. In addition to sore throats, raw honey has many essential amino acids. Using local raw honey can help with allergies because the bees gather pollen from plants in your area. It is, however, not advised to give honey to children under the age of one because of the risk of botulism.

Onions and garlic

help heal infection. You can slice an onion, warm it a little and place it on the ear to draw out infection. In oil form, garlic used in the ear to heal earaches. You can also make an onion compress and place it on the chest to help clear up watery eyes, runny nose, congestion, and sinus issues.

  • Chop an onion and put it on a small towel.

  • Cover it with plastic wrap and fold the towel over the plastic wrap.

  • Use a rolling pin to press the onions to get the juices flowing.

  • Fold in the edges of the towel so it's like a pocket.

  • Place it on your chest. You can put olive oil on your chest first to reduce irritation.

  • Leave it on for however long you feel is necessary -20 minutes, or overnight.

  • Use an ace bandage or tight clothing to hold it in place.

  • Repeat as necessary.


Probiotics are found in yogurt, kefir and also in tablet, capsule, or liquid form. Your body needs good bacteria to fight off bad bacteria. Use of antibiotics kills ALLbacteria—good and bad. It is necessary to replace these for a healthy gut—which is imperative for a healthy you. The majority of lymph nodes in your body are found in the abdomen. Try to include at least one form of probiotics in your diet daily, or at least several times a week.

Visit a good chiropractor,

if you embrace chiropractic care. The Atlas, the very first vertebra of the spine by your skull, has a lot to do with the immune system. Chances are, if you have been sick, or can't seem to get well, your atlas and other places could be out of alignment. There are three different places, that if out of alignment, can cause recurring earaches. Also, chiropractors, especially if they are trained in pediatric chiropractic, can be great with babies who have reflux or colic.

Massage and body work therapists

can be helpful. The human body is complicated. There can be so many things out of balance that can cause lots of different problems. Consider energy work, CranioSacral Therapy, and Lymph Drainage. If you're just feeling "off" chances are one or more of these modes may be helpful.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

and abstain from harmful substances to allow your body to function efficiently.

There are many natural ways to help alleviate symptoms and prevent sickness. Educate yourself and look for answers. Several are listed, but there are many more effective natural tools. These suggestions are not intended to replace your doctor. Do what you feel is right for your family.

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