Most of us are able to transition from one stage of our lives to the next relatively easily. However, there are many people who struggle with change and prefer to stay in their comfort zones. If someone is trapped and does not reach for something more in life, you might assume this person is lazy or doesn't care to change. But that is not always the case. Many people who cannot find a way to progress are unsure of themselves and feel intimidated by change.

After experiencing some harsh failures in various aspects of my life, I was ready to settle for a life I believed was easier to handle. But when my immediate family intervened, I realized an easier life was not going to make me happy. Changes - both good and bad - are necessary for personal growth. I learned that as I surrounded myself with strong-minded people.

Here are three things that can cause you to become stuck in your comfort zone:

Lack of motivation

Unfortunately, you may not have the best support system on your side. For example, maybe you want to quit alcohol because it is negatively affecting your body and your behavior with your spouse and kids. But it is hard to change when you are surrounded by people who do not understand or support you. Instead of others supporting your decision to quit drinking, they may drink around you or urge you to drink. In their eyes, they do not see how alcohol is affecting you and believe you should just have fun. One way to increase your motivation is to change the people you now surround yourself with. Find people who will motivate you to work toward your goals.

Low self-esteem

Perhaps past relationships have driven you to believe you are not worthy or capable of succeeding. You have no confidence. You feel undeserving. You feel sorry for yourself. But you should not allow past relationships to dictate the potential you have to thrive. The unfortunate circumstances that led to your low self-esteem are lessons in life. Those lessons should make you a stronger person. Boost your confidence and self-esteem by doing the things you truly love - even if others say you will never make it. Look at yourself in the mirror and see all your beauty, inside and out. You can do anything.

Too many failures

Maybe you give up too easily each time you fail at something. For example, you start an online business, but your vision of immediate success is nowhere in sight. You decide to quit because your business is not yet successful. You see it as a failure. Sadly, not all businesses rise immediately. Most great things take time and nurturing. If you've given an idea enough time and it's still not successful, move to another idea, but don't call the experience a failure. See it as a learning experience. Take what you learned from that situation and apply it to your next venture. The more you make every effort, the less you will see situations as failures.

It is easy to give up when you feel you've had one too many failures and you lack supporters. But you should not allow anything to hold you back from reaching your highest potential. We all have what it takes to make our dreams become realities. Don't give up.

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