In my first "world changing" article, we focused on ways we can improve the lives of the people around us.. This go-round we're balancing between the two by having a look at how changing the world for others can directly affect our attitudes and outlooks.

1. Pay it forward (or backward)

Have you ever been on the receiving end of an act of random kindness (aka ARK)? Remember the feeling you got when a complete stranger paid for your coffee or covered the extra few dollars you didn't have to pay for your groceries? The next time you're in line; whether it be the grocery store, coffee shop or the dreaded tollbooth on the turnpike go ahead and put to good use the loose change that's been floating around. Lift someone's life by allowing them to experience an ARK when they least expect it. There's a great chance once that person knows what it feels like to receive an impromptu blessing they'll be eager to offer the same type of gift to someone else.

By the same token, paying something forward puts into action the law of "what goes around comes around." One day when you're low on gas and funds, the guy at the pump next to you might just pay for your fill-up because he was once an ARK recipient. Heck, it's worth a shot. If it doesn't pay off for you monetarily, however, it's guaranteed to come back to you in other forms so be on the lookout. Worst case scenario, you changed your own world for the better by helping someone who was feeling hopeless. "One drop in a small pond a large ripple does make."

2. Take the survey

People these days are quick to complain and slow to compliment. While good customer service is, in fact, becoming a rarity perhaps it's due to the lack of appreciation for a job well done. It's true that doing one's required tasks is - well, required - but who doesn't respond to positive feedback? Most businesses today offer customer service surveys. And most of these surveys offer perks for the survey-taker, as well. Do yourself, and a hard-working employee, the honor of letting the higher-ups know how friendly your cashier was or how the dairy department shelf-stocker ran across the store to grab the light bulbs for you.

3. Love thy neighbor

Do you know that feeling you get when you come home after working overtime only to see the dumpsters still at the top of the driveway? Yeah, you know the one. Your neighbor no doubt felt the same thing after his long day, as well. So while you're already in motion, why not drag his dumpsters back for him, too? The relief he'll feel from not having to make the trek can prompt him to reciprocate next week so you can have a week off from "dumpster dread." Who knows? Maybe the whole subdivision will catch wind of what's happening on your side of the street and start a neighborhood revolution that eventually goes viral!

4. One man's trash"¦

Speaking of trash and dumpsters, any time you see garbage on a sidewalk that's missed its final resting place in a can, by all means, help it find its way home. Picking up a stray napkin in front of a restaurant not only helps the owner keep his business looking pristine, you'll effectively revive the "Give a hoot, don't pollute" campaign from back in the day, and set a good example for the kid across the street who just witnessed an ARK.

"Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you." ~Princess Diana

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