Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a popular term that describes many behaviors in children, but also affects adults. ADD is caused by a combination of genetic, nutritional, and social factors. Here are some signs that it may be affecting you.

1. Attention problems

One woman found herself struggling to comprehend what was being presented in business meetings, and a man was frustrated that he could work all day on assignments but not get any of them finished.

2. Impulsivity

One woman was frustrated with her husband who often went out for lunch even though they had agreed to a budget and she packed lunches for him. Another man noticed his wife bought things for which she didn't have money, even though she was the one who determined the family budget.

3. Difficulty sitting still

One woman had trouble sitting through church services on Sunday if she didn't take a long run the day before. A man found it helpful to stand up at his desk at work instead of sitting in a chair.

4. Incomplete tasks

A man was known for his quality work, but his boss was frustrated that the man often missed deadlines. One mother was really good at sewing, but often stopped short of the final details to finish items for her family.

5. Daydreaming

One man was the smartest man in his office, but often missed assignments given while he was staring out the window. One woman scored excellent ratings for her customer service interactions, but usually had to stay later than everyone else to finish paperwork others finished in the afternoon.

Treatment for ADD includes therapies which help reduce the symptoms and improve functioning. Psychotherapy helps clients improve focus, increase attention, and utilize coping skills. Medication therapy helps reduce symptoms related to focus, distractibility, and hyperactive behavior. Together, these therapies increase positive interactions with others and improve functioning.

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