Living your life in fear is no way to live. Fear keeps you from moving forward in life, exploring new things and takes away the beauty in life. Sadly, many people fail to realize fear is disabling them from living life to the fullest. The idea of confronting their fears is probably not on their agenda. Hence, they proceed through life with fear instilled in them.

On the other hand, there are people who want assistance, but do not know where to go or who to go to. They may be ashamed to approach a close family member, assuming they will be judged or mocked. Therefore, they face fear alone. However, relying on your spouse, a parent or another close family member or friend for support is the right thing to do. This person can provide you with the moral support and encouragement you need to face your fears. Perhaps he or she is living in fear as well and together you can confront the fears.

Fear is something we all deal with at any given time, but we should not allow it to take over our lives. We need to take control by defeating fear in one way or another. The main component to overcoming fear is having the determination and will power to do so.

Below are five suggestions in overcoming fear:

1. Identify your fears

Take time to figure out your fears and ask yourself why you have them. If you prefer, write down what you come up with and analyze each one so you can better understand the reason behind your fears.

2. Confide in someone

Do not feel embarrassed to discuss with a family member or friend the fears you are experiencing. The family member may share similar fears or he may lend a helping hand in overcoming a fear or two. Talking with a family member may not result in a solution, but it can ease your anxiety a tad.

3. Confront your fears

If you are afraid of planes, book a short trip. If you are afraid of dogs or cats, visit an animal shelter. If you are afraid of speaking to a large crowd, attend an event that requires public speaking. Whatever your fear may be, confront it head on. You need to prove to yourself you are stronger than your fears. You just may find out the fears were all in your head.

4. Seek a therapist

Sometimes confronting your fears or discussing them with a family member may not be sufficient. You continue to fear, which disables you from moving forward in life. A therapist can provide you with the help you need to decipher the reasons behind your fears and ways to defeat them.

5. Exercise

Yoga is a great form of exercise that can aid you to release the stress developed in your body due to the fears. Yoga has worked for me, especially with conquering my fear of planes.

Conquering your fears will take time and effort. Do not get discouraged with the amount of time it will take. Remember, there is no rush. As long as you are preparing yourself mentally and physically to overcome your fears, that is a huge life improvement. If you follow one or all of the suggestions above, chances are you will be a step closer to overpowering your fears.

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