I must admit that for a long time, I was definitely not a morning person. I was the girl that could sleep until 10 a.m. without any remorse. Fast forward ten years and I'm now the girl getting up at 5:30 a.m. so I can get a headstart on my to-do list. Why, you may ask? Because I found that if I don't start my day getting things done, I'm perfectly content sitting on the couch eating cupcakes until bedtime.

Mornings are either your best friend or your worst enemy because they set the tone for the remainder of the day. If you have a productive morning, most likely the rest of your day will follow suit. However, if your morning is sluggish, you might find that your to-do list doesn't really change much. I have come to love mornings, but it didn't just happen overnight. Here are a few ways you can turn yourself into a morning person and accomplish more throughout your day.

Get your entire family onboard

If you want to increase your daily productivity, you can't do it alone. You need the help of your entire family. For example, if you wish to get up and go to the gym at 5 a.m., you need to discuss these plans with your spouse or a teenager to make sure someone is available if little children awake. Or, if you want quiet time studying your scriptures or working, explain to your kids that they can't come out of their rooms, even if they hear you, until the sun is up. If you don't discuss your early morning plans with your family, those plans may be destroyed before anything is done.

Don't turn on your screens

Technology is a wonderful blessing, but it is also a huge time sucker. TVs, computers and even smartphones can suck you in. Before you know it, several hours have passed. Make it a habit to avoid any screens until your 3 most important tasks of the day are complete or until a certain time of the morning. You can also teach your children the importance of work by turning off all cartoons until the daily chores are completed and approved by you.

Eat and drink right away

You've heard it a million times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and research shows this is true. According to WebMD, eating a healthy breakfast not only provides weight control and helps lower cholesterol, it also improves concentration and performance and provides strength and endurance to engage in physical activity. When you skip breakfast, you are skipping that fuel station to help your body accomplish your tasks.

I have found that if I don't eat breakfast right away, I become distracted, and I never eat. Hours later, I become hungry and fatigued. I sit down, binge eat and begin surfing the web or watching TV and losing my entire focus. When you eat first thing in the morning, you are not only helping your body physically; you are helping your mind stay on track.

Be consistent

You need to be consistent with your schedule in the mornings and set a routine. Each morning, wake up at the same time. Accomplish tasks in the same order each day such as exercise, eat breakfast, get kids ready for school, shower, etc. When you are consistent and create a habitual routine, you will find it is easier to get up than just sit around all day.

Plan ahead

If you want a successful morning, you must plan. Create a to-do list the night before, and prioritize the tasks you need to accomplish first. If you don't have any type of plan, it is much more tempting to sit around or sleep in. A plan provides motivation and determination to get something done.

Mornings can be your most productive time of the day. Whether your children are home or at school, you can push yourself and accomplish a significant number of tasks without overdoing it.

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