There's no such thing as a stress-free life. Stress is your body's natural response in certain situations. So it's important to learn how to deal with stress when it does happen; but it's also important to stop stress from happening in the first place. Because even if you can't remove all stress, there's no reason to add unnecessary stress. The following are ways you can reduce the amount of stress in your life.

  1. Get up 15 minutes earlier to avoid being rushed as you get ready.

  2. Prepare the things you'll need the next day the night before.

  3. Do what you consider unpleasant tasks first so they're out of the way.

  4. Don't procrastinate what you can do now for later.

  5. Always plan to be 10 minutes early.

  6. Get enough sleep.

  7. Exercise regularly.

  8. Eat healthy.

  9. Prepare yourself for situations you find stressful by visualizing them beforehand.

  10. Write things down instead of thinking you'll remember them.

  11. Make extra copies of your keys and hide them or give them to someone you trust.

  12. Have something prepared to keep you busy for situations when you may have to wait.

  13. If something doesn't work right, get it fixed instead of letting it bug you.

  14. Say no when people ask you to do things you really don't have time for.

  15. Make friends with people who aren't worriers.

  16. Avoid people who are difficult as much as possible.

  17. If you are required to sit for long periods of time, get up and stretch regularly.

  18. Make sure your workspace and home are organized so you don't lose things.

  19. Do something that you really like to do every day.

  20. Choose a job and recreational activities that match up with your interests.

  21. Regularly do nice things for other people.

  22. Don't over-schedule or make appointments back-to-back.

  23. Stop negative self-talk.

  24. Avoid multitasking.

  25. Follow through with commitments you have made.

  26. Eliminate unnecessary commitments.

  27. Allow some time every day for quiet reflection.

  28. Learn how to delegate effectively.

  29. Take breaks, especially for meals.

  30. Believe the best of other people and be forgiving.

  31. Be optimistic.

  32. Don't try to control everything.

  33. Join a religious community.

  34. Treat yourself to regular massages.

  35. Get a pet and spend time with it.

  36. Write in a journal regularly as an outlet for stress.

  37. Learn how to slow down and enjoy things in life.

  38. Have an attitude of gratitude.

  39. Go on a vacation once in a while.

  40. Pray daily.

  41. Read scripture passages regularly.

  42. Take time to be social and spend time with friends.

  43. Forgive yourself for mistakes.

  44. Play with children.

  45. Ask for help more often.

  46. Read good books.

  47. Listen to good music.

  48. Participate in recreational and community activities.

  49. Spend time on self-improvement.

  50. Stop wasting time on things that aren't productive or relaxing.

  51. And most importantly, identify specific stressors in your life and make a plan to eliminate them as much as possible.

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