Everyone has their own definition of happiness. For some it's made up of things - material well-being and high living standards. For some, happiness is founded in friends and family, built on love and service. And others are only happy when they have no problems.

While these things can help make you happy, to truly find joy in the here and now, follow these six tips:

1. Don't be negative (it's the opposite of being happy)

Learn to forgive and forget. Collecting hurt feelings are like collecting rocks that weigh you down. Eventually, you will find yourself under their pressure and won't be able to find happiness in your situation.

Even in times of trouble, look at a challenge as a chance to grow.

Having an optimistic view on life and your trials should also extend to yourself; be grateful for what you have. Appreciate your uniqueness and your natural abilities. Improve yourself by learning new skills, developing yourself and rewarding yourself for everything you have done right.

You can also boost your positivity by being around positive people, so work to establish good relationships and connections to be around people who make you feel happy.

2. Focus on kindness and selflessness

To be happy, spread kindness through your actions and thoughts about other people. Strive to have positive interactions with others to help you feel better (and to help them feel better). The impact of a simple smile can lift your mood and those who see your beautiful grin.

Happiness is also found in being generous; donate your time and what you can financially - and expect nothing in return. Doing something good for a greater cause will create power that is bigger than you.

3. Happiness is only in the present

Replaying negative events in your mind and constantly worrying will not solve anything ... and won't bring you happiness in the future. If dark thoughts overcome you, take a moment and think about what you are grateful for. This will help you look at things from a different angle and help you find an optimistic solution.

To be instantly happy, think of the things that make you smile. This won't take up much of your time, but if you do this every day, it will help make your daily routine a happier one.

4. Make a list

It's simple, but making a list of things that make you happy increases your daily joy. From a certain song to an Internet meme, actually writing down the pieces of your happy life will wipe away the sadness. Then, whenever you feel blue, go through the list.

5. Take action

Take action and be happier by making little changes. Things like getting enough sleep, laughing more instead of watching TV, and eating healthily (plus finding time to exercise) will truly bring your life joy.

If you aren't a fan of active sports, try yoga - open your mind to a new experience by working out your body and your mind. Plus, yoga is easily modified to fit your needs. Whatever you choose to do for exercise, incorporate it regularly into your day for an extra dose of joy.

6 Take care of your spiritual self

So much of being happy is in your mind, not your circumstance. Stoke your happiness by being a continuous learner; you'll find more ways to be happy when you find more ways to learn and discover new things. Find your talents and create a way for you to express your energy and relieve stress.

Finding a connection with nature can also help. Your body is like a battery that needs to recharge. Going away for the weekend (or even just on your lunch break) to spend time in a pretty, quiet place can give your spirit the energy it needs.

Happiness is in your grasp; incorporate these six tips into your routine and work your way to a happier and healthier you.

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