As adults, we sometimes forget how to be silly. We roll our eyes, squirm uncomfortably, or even stare in disbelief at people's goofy antics. I submit that it is better to join in the fun. What better day to embrace absurdity than April Fool's Day?

This is especially true if, like my husband and I, you're not much one for pulling pranks. Rather than playing a joke on your spouse, suggest any of these date ideas. Whether you bowl in funny outfits, turn your kitchen into a laboratory, or pretend to have an adventure, you won't just get in-touch with your inner child. You'll get in touch with your spouse, too.

1. Instead of just bowling in weird-looking shoes...

go all out and wear silly outfits while you bowl like footie pajamas or a cowboy hat and chaps. Then play Skittle bowling. Draw Skittles out of the bag every time it's your turn to bowl. Each color of Skittle signifies a funny method you'll have to use as you bowl, like granny style, doing an animal imitation, or using your non-dominant hand.

2. Most of the stuff at an antique shop will be out of your price range...

so browse the store and make up stories about the people who might have owned the items before they ended up at the shop. This is especially fun if you find strange or ugly pieces, the kind you would never, never put in your own home.

3. Instead of just perusing the stacks at the bookstore...

bring post-it notes and pens. With them, leave notes in your favorite books explaining why someone should buy it, or a special experience you had relating to the book. Then, picture people's reactions to finding your notes.

4. Try kitchen science experiments...

like dissolving the shell off of an egg with vinegar or putting Mentos in a bottle of Diet Coke. (We recommend doing that one outside.) Once you've conducted your experiment, find out why it works. The next time you find a lull in conversation at a social gathering share your newfound knowledge. Just because you can.

5. Hit the mall.

Choose a theme, and in every store find an item to fit your theme, no matter how much of a stretch. For example, my husband and I went to the mall with the idea that we were shopping for supplies in case of a zombie apocalypse. Electronic stores were pretty easy. The perfume counter was much more challenging.

6. Take pictures.

You're not just posing for a few nice snapshots to send to your mom. Instead,create photo evidence of an adventure that didn't actually happen. What pictures would you take if a meteorite fell in your yard? If you were chased by a bear? Or, you travelled to Egypt? The more creative and thorough you are, the funnier the pictures.

7. Play hide-and-seek in a favorite public place.

On dates with my husband, we commonly find ourselves at the local university campus, an electronics store, or the park. Any of these would be the ideal location for this.

You can do this by playing the traditional hide-and-seek game, where your spouse would be concealed while you look for them. This could create some hilariously awkward situations with strangers. If you're not that daring, you can also hide in plain sight, like "Where's Waldo?" For extra fun, invite your friends to join.

Every now and then, a magical night comes along when you and your spouse get to laugh, run around, and act like you're seven years old. That could be April Fool's Day, or it could be just because you and your spouse love to play. Spontaneity (or blatant disregard of social norms) banishes boring and makes memories. Choose one of these date ideas, and goof off with your spouse. You can even play tag on the way to the car. Having fun with your spouse is no joke. With a little creativity, special memories can emerge out of the simplest of times. No foolin'.

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