Exercise can produce endorphins that help us combat depression, stress and pain. Additionally, endorphins help boost the immune system and produce feelings of euphoria as discussed in this article. Every mother needs these endorphins and the benefits they bring. After all if mom isn't happy, the rest of the family feels it. Yet, how do mothers fit exercise into their already packed schedule? Here are some ways.

1. Schedule it in

Time will never magically become available to work out. A mother needs to make working out a non-negotiable part of her day. Maybe she goes to a class at a gym that meets daily at a certain time or simply tells her family that between 7 - 8 am every morning is her workout time and pops in an exercise DVD; Whatever works best for her family.

2. Get it done early

Wake up, put on those exercise clothes and work out. The earlier in the day you exercise, the easier it is to do and the less time you have to come up with excuses that prevent you from reaching your goal.

3. Overcome excuses

Some excuses are really good, like a sick kid or family event. Having a backup plan and taking the time to do a few moves at home can make those days a lot more manageable. Here is a link to a workout that requires no weights and can be done anywhere.

4. Find Support

A necessity for any mother struggling to fit exercise into her life is support. Someone needs to watch the kids, encourage us, or invite us to work out with them. The support can come in the form of a significant other, who takes care of the kids in the morning while mom gets a jog in or a friend, who is encouraging you to meet her at a boot camp while the kids are at school. Form a group and meet at a house or local park and let the kids play while the moms exercise. The support makes working out a lot more fun and easier to achieve. Working out can be more enjoyable when you have someone to share it with.

5. Work out anywhere

You don't have to have an expensive gym membership or spend a lot on equipment and DVDs. Find a workout you can do at home simply by searching YouTube or Pinterest. You can do this routine at the park while the kids play or put the little ones in a stroller and have the older ones bike along while you jog. Go to a track and have the kids play in the middle while you do laps or run the bleachers. You can go on a family walk.

6. Do something you enjoy

Find something you love to do. Walk around at a park, take a Zumba class, run or do whatever you love to do and will want continue doing. The key to keeping a workout routine and making it a part of your life is finding something you enjoy. There are so many fun ideas on the Internet, including this one based off of the lead character from the television series Buffy. The key is to find what you want.

7. Positive thinking

We all have days when we just don't feel like working out. The key is to push through those moments. Don't let one day break your good habit and routine because mothers need those endorphins. When we surround ourselves with positive thoughts and people who are also motivated to exercise, we are sure to succeed.

While a mother's life is frenzied, she still needs to take time to build herself up; making exercise a priority is one way to do that. Exercise might just give you that extra boost of energy to keep up with the many demands on your time.

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