Counting sheep while lying in bed doesn't always work, especially if you're really focused on getting a good night's sleep. The classic glass of water may not do the trick either. But there are other weirder ways some people claim work like a charm.

Here are eight things some people do before going to bed that make their sleep a lot more comfortable:

Take a cold bath or shower

Lowering your body temperature may help you get to sleep faster. Only try this if you're OK with going to sleep a little bit colder. Your body will respond by putting you fast asleep. TIME Magazine referenced a study where insomniacs who slept in colder temperatures reported having better sleep.

Breathe through one nostril

That's right. One technique to better sleep involves covering the right nostril and breathing deeply through only the left. WonderHowTo suggests doing this trick if other options have failed. Some people can't limit their breathing at night, especially mouth-breathers. But if you find this technique works, save it for those sleepless nights.

Trick yourself by saying you want to stay awake

If you tell yourself you want to stay awake as long as possible, your body will subconsciously rebel against your wishes. Your body may listen to your brain, though, so don't use this method every night.

Go back in time (in your mind)

Think about the beginning of your day and then think about each task or activity you did that day. Try to remember who you talked to, what made you laugh and more. says our bodies takes more energy in trying to recall events, so you'll feel tired a lot faster and eventually fall asleep.

Lay out your clothes for the next day

Lay your clothes out and pack your purse or bag for the next day. You'll spend less time worrying about what you have to do in the morning, and you may even squeeze in a few extra minutes of shut-eye.

Pick The Brain advises people to "spare a few minutes to make a to-do list, think of all the tasks - big or small - you need to get done tomorrow, even the nonessential ones. This way you won't need to remember anything and will know exactly how the next day will go."

Black out everything

Some people are extra sensitive to light and sound, and they don't even know it. Make your room completely dark - wear a sleeping mask if you need to. Block out all sound and make yourself a little sleeping cave.

Turn up the volume

On the opposite side of blacking out everything, many people think a nice, quiet room is the trick to a wonderful dream-filled sleep. But if anxious thoughts or little creaks keep you awake, turn on a fan, noise machine or soft music to get you to sleep. This may not work for you, but if you try it and find it comforting, keep it going.

Eat (only certain foods)

Most sources will tell you to avoid big meals before bed or midnight snacks, but some studies show that cherry juice or a spoonful of organic honey can calm your system and fight off insomnia. Even a piece of chocolate can change the way you sleep.

Sleep Squares offers a new, delicious solution to getting to sleep. Simply eat a chocolate square before bedtime and enjoy the benefits of a deeper, more comfortable sleep. Sleep Squares is different from other sleep aids because it will slowly wake you up the right way instead of making you crash from loss of energy.

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