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Triangle puzzle

Answer: 5

Here's how:

(3 + 8) x 4 = 44

(9 + 7) x 2 = 32

(8 + 7) x 5 = 75

Incomplete project

What is one project a person can never complete?

Answer: an autobiography. You can't finish writing your story while you're alive!

Power outage

During a severe, overnight power outage, Sarah ran to her shed to find some candles. All she can find is a box of matches, a kerosene lantern, a few candles and an old log. Which one should she light first?

Answer: the match. You can't light anything else without the match.

Feathers vs. bricks

Which weighs more: a pound of feathers or a pound of bricks?

Answer: they both weigh one pound

Similar numbers?

What do the numbers 11, 69 and 88 all have in common?

Answer: they're the same number right-side up or upside down

One more

Answer: 3

Here's how:

(6 - 2) x 2 = 8

(7 - 5) x 3 = 6

(7 - 4) x 2 = 6

(6 - 5) x 3 = 3

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