The FamilyShare mission is to strengthen and inspire families. Our goal is to provide a safe, positive and respectful environment for members to ask questions, give and receive advice, and connect with others.



  • Share your thoughts, opinions, and advice
  • Use clear language and categorize as correctly as you can
  • Be respectful and nice to others
  • Be prepared for others to agree and disagree about things you may post
  • Cite your sources
  • Be a good Community Member
  • Use the privacy settings to enhance your security as you see fit


  • Use violent, rude, coarse, or racial language
  • Be disrespectful, mean or obscene
  • Cheat or exploit the community
  • Spam the community
  • Break any laws, or do anything criminal or illegal
  • Share personal information
  • Create more than one account

DO Share your Thoughts, Opinions and Advice

We all have opinions, questions, and answers. Sharing your respectful and family-appropriate opinions and advice are welcome, and will most likely help someone else. Asking questions will also help others by opening their eyes to things they may have never thought of before.

DO Communicate Clearly and Categorize as Correctly as You Can

Make sure you use clear language as you ask and answer questions, post comments, and engage in discussions. Categorize as close to your topic as you can. This will help others to better find the content you have contributed.

DO Be Respectful and Nice to Others

It is acceptable for members to express widely varying points of view. However, it is never acceptable to be disrespectful, bullying or abusive to anyone, even people who are not members of the FamilyShare Community. Please use the golden rule and treat others how you would like to be treated.

DO Be Prepared for Opposition

Be prepared for others to agree and disagree with your comments, answers, and advice. We all have different opinions, and we can learn a lot by listening to differing points of view.

DO Cite Your Sources

Please give credit where credit is due. There is a place for you to cite your sources in the answers section. Please use it.

DO Be a Good Community Member

Our community is based on a points system, so please give stars and thumbs up where they are deserved. When you see a problem or abuse in any form, please report it immediately. We want to keep the community safe. We won't see everything that goes on in the community, but with your help we can keep it a safer place.

DO Use the Privacy Settings to Enhance your Security as you see fit

We have provided a number of options for you to choose to enhance your security found in your profile under "Settings".

DON'T Use Violent, Rude, Coarse, or Racial language

Don't discriminate, bully, or target, any one based on their color, gender, race, age, orientation or creed. Don't be mean to any member of the community. We are here to help one another in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

DON'T Post any inappropriate content

Sexual, violent or explicit images or language, or nudity is not appropriate in this community. This is not a place to rant and vent personal frustrations. This is a family community, so please keep everything "PG" rated, and family-friendly.

DON'T Cheat or Exploit the Community

This community runs on a points system and we want all members to gain points, as they deserve. Please do not cheat in any way that may give you or anyone else more points than you or they deserve. This community is not a place to promote any business or website for personal or other types of gain. You may list your website or business in the "About Me" section in your profile. If you contribute articles, it is acceptable to include a short byline with an appropriate commercial link. Asking others to follow you on other social sites is also unacceptable. Do not spam any member of the community.

DON'T Break any Laws or do anything Criminal or Illegal

Criminal and illegal content and activity is unacceptable. Please do not use FamilyShare to break any laws or do anything illegal. Do not encourage anyone else to engage in such activities. Please immediately report any criminal or illegal activity of which you become aware. If anything illegal is happening, FamilyHow reserves the right to contact proper authorities and to cooperate fully with any legal proceedings.

DON'T Share Personal Information

You may share anything appropriate about yourself in the community, but allow others to choose what they will share with the community. Don't share personal information about minors. Don't re post something that was obviously meant to stay private. Don't share information that may expose the identity of anyone else. Don't encourage anyone to share things they don't want to.

DON'T Create more than one account

Please do not create more than one account. If we find that anyone has created more than one account, we reserve the right to delete the account. The only exceptions to this rule are our expert authors, who may create a professional and personal account.


FamilyShare will not verify, edit or guarantee the accuracy of any advice, opinions or content posted on the site. If you believe a comment, post or other content violates the Community Guidelines or the Terms of Use, please report it here . FamilyShare will take appropriate actions where necessary. Please note we will not be able to share the action, if any, we have taken, but we do take all reports seriously.


By participating on this website, you agree to be bound by these Community Guidelines, as well as the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You should review the Terms of Use, including Limitation of Liability and Content and Advice. FamilyShare reserves the right to change and update these Community Guidelines at any time and without posting notice as we see fit.

If these guidelines are broken in any way, FamilyShare reserves the right to delete any account.

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