Each one of us has unique physical traits. This fact makes us all different and provides a little diversity in our world. August 13 is National Left-handers Day. This day is a celebration of individuals with this unique trait because only 10 percent of the population is left handed. But like some left-handed individuals, sometimes our unique physical traits can cause us frustration and can be hard to accept. Here are four ways you can learn to accept your own physical traits.

1. Understand that everyone is different

Before you can accept your own physical characteristics, you must understand that everyone is different. Everyone has unique traits and attributes that set them apart. Look around you. Look at the people you associate with every day. Everyone has something different. It is what makes you - you.

2. Improve the attributes you can control

We are all guilty of comparing our physical appearance to another individual. We want their beautiful hair, thin figure, large smile and more. But we need to remember that the body we have is the body we were given. Even though we can't change some of our physical attributes, we can improve and work on others. We have some control over our figure, the appearance of our hair, how we dress and more. While we can't control everything, we can still make a strong effort to improve the things we can control and let go of those that we can't. This effort can help us improve our self-confidence and self-esteem and help us feel our best. When we feel our best, we won't focus solely on those physical attributes that we dislike.

3. Accept your weaknesses

Don't get down on yourself because you think you have a physical flaw. Everyone feels the same way. Everyone has weaknesses. Everyone has something about themselves that they don't like. If your unique trait is really tearing you down, turn that trait into a strength. Find ways to improve yourself and help yourself become better. But remember, there are some physical traits such as being left handed that you can't change. When you have physical traits such as those, embrace them. They truly do make you someone special.

4. Look at the good

Sometimes the things that make you unique are the things that bother you the most. Instead of concentrating on these traits, focus on your positive qualities. Focus on the things that make you stand out, the things you love about yourself and the things you don't want to change. If finding these traits is hard for you, sit down and find three things that you like about yourself. Finding three things shouldn't be too hard, you have a body that can do amazing things. Start right there.

Yes, we are all unique. Yes, we all have special physical traits that help us stand out from the majority. But, those traits can also tear us down and lower our self-confidence. Instead of letting this happen to you, understand that everyone is different, make some improvements, accept your weaknesses and look for the good. You will find you truly are a unique individual with characteristics that make you a wonderful person.

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