During my workshops, I often explain to the audience there are two different types of people that exist in the world. Everyone belonging to the human family can be labeled as a "victim" or an "empowered" being. Victims are the type of people that complain about everything in life. They are never satisfied and often dwell on life's difficulties. These people are stuck in a negative way of thinking that is all they see. Many feel trapped and start to develop unhealthy beliefs that tell them they do not deserve a better life or healthy future. This is not true! Do not stay trapped in the misery of victimhood.

According to his bestselling book, Attract Money Now, Dr. Joe Vitale explains "Limiting (Unhealthy) beliefs are like thieves in the night. And some of your beliefs are much more costly than others." What a heavy price victims pay. They allow their unhealthy belief system to rob them of their hopes and dreams.

Empowered people have a positive outlook and passion for life. They do not view challenges as failures, but an opportunity to learn and grow. These types of people are resourceful and are always looking for solutions to their problems. They are filled with hope and have a wonderful expectation of what the future might bring. They also have a healthy belief system that lets them know anything is possible if you love and believe in yourself.

As Kevin Hall mentions in his acclaimed book "Aspire," empowered people are pathfinders. In summary, he explains a pathfinder will discover and follow a unique path that will lead them to a life of purpose and meaning. So how does one become a pathfinder and make the transition from victimhood to empowerment? By learning to love and accept yourself by the choices you make. This can be accomplished by following these 10 simple steps.

Step 1: Choose not to listen or allow negative self-talk to get in your way

Every time you listen to these poisonous messages, it will stop you from taking the action necessary for positive change.

Step 2: Choose to eliminate destructive behavior and addictive habits that keep your life from progressing.

Step 3: Choose to be a person of high moral character whose words and actions reflect the grand traits of integrity and honesty. By doing this, you increase your self-respect and worth.

Step 4

: Choose to forgive others and yourself. Love can never enter into your heart if you are harvesting ill feelings of resentment and anger. Recognize that everyone is imperfect and subject to mistakes. It is important to know that forgiveness does not justify an action that caused you harm. It only allows you to release negative feelings that cause you pain.

Step 5: Choose to care for your bodies physical needs

Strive to eat a balanced diet, exercise on a regular basis and get the proper sleep your body requires. As Mother Teresa plainly states, "To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it." What a great comparison! To keep your bodies healthy, you must consistently care for your physical needs.

Step 6: Choose to participate only in activities that are wholesome and uplifting

If you continuously decide to engage in behavior that is not healthy, the message you send yourself is quite clear. "I am not valuable and important."

Step 7: Choose to serve others and care for their needs

Get actively involved in your community. Volunteer your time at a local charity or organization that uplifts you. In his National Bestselling book, The Go-Giver, Bob Burg and John David Mann explain one of the secrets of success come from the power of giving. If you focus on other people's needs, you automatically reap the reward of unexpected returns.

Step 8: Choose to walk in gratitude on a daily basis

Decide to give thanks in all things, openly express your appreciation for acts of kindness and thoughtfulness. According to self-help guru Lisa Nichols, "Gratitude anchors you to the source of blessings and comfort and gives you confidence that you'll always be taken care of, aided and guided. You move forward in your life fearlessly, with joy and excitement. You know that you're going to have even more to be grateful for as time goes on."

Step 9: Choose to establish and build a personal relationship with the Divine

Recognize God's hand in your life. Come to understand there is a power greater than yourself who loves you and wants to see you succeed and be happy. View God as a loving Heavenly Father who hears and answers your prayers. Someone that is standing in your corner ready, willing and able to provide you with the direction you seek.

Step 10: Invest in yourself and get the help you need

Give yourself permission to invest in the future. Read inspiring books, attend workshops and work with a coach. Find someone that can provide you with tools and insight required to overcome the obstacles that have stopped you from living an abundant life.

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